Lingodbhava Moorti

Why Maha Shivratri is Celebrated & Shivratri Date 2022

India is a land of festivals. The Indian culture provides an opportunity for every individual to make his life a celebration. Hinduism believes that life is a celebration and provides numerous festivals to make their lives a truly remarkable celebration. One such important Hindu Festival is Maha Shivratri.

Vasant Panchami Festival

About Vasant Panchami Festival & Date 2022

Religion is at the core of every human being. Religion brings maturity and knowledge. True wisdom comes to those who experience the grace of God in this very lifetime. However, various festivals and rituals lead us to true knowledge and wisdom, one such significant Hindu religion festival as Vasant Panchami.

2016 Indian Festival Calendar

2016 Indian Festival Calendar

Festivals are part of India and we can say India is a country of the festival. We love to celebrate festivals not just because for entertainment because it brings us closer to God and spirituality.

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