Just how Old is Hinduism? 

Sanatana Dharma is an eternal order, a code of ethics, a way of living which helps humans to attain the ultimate goal of life that is enlightenment, liberation, or “Moksha.”

Sanatana Dharma is much more than just a religion which provides its followers a coherent and rational view of reality.

It is the ancient most culture which presently holds the status of being the socio, religious, and spiritual tradition of more than a billion of earth’s inhabitants.

According to Vedic Mathematics, the age of Sanatana Dharma is estimated to be 155.52 Trillion Years.

The age of Sanatana Dharma has been calculated with reference to the current Brahma. We are presently in the 51st year of the present Brahma.

As the Sanatana Dharma is eternal and without any beginning, it only shows the age with the point of considering the present Brahma.

Sanatan Dharma is the Universal Law that exists irrespective of the creation or destruction of the Universe. It is much more than Hindu Religion. It is eternal and everlasting Universal Truth.

The age of Sanatan Dharma as shown in the above calculation goes on to show the eternal and “Anadi” nature of it.

Sanatana refers to Eternal, Perennial, Universal, Unceasing, Never Beginning nor Ending, and Abiding.

While “Dharma” means that which holds together and sustains – the Natural Law. It can be understood as Harmony, Teachings, Religion, Wisdom, The Way, Tradition, Law of Being, and Duty.

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