Science behind Chanting Om: What Research Shows

Research Paper by Ajay  Gurjar & S A Ladhake on Time-Frequency Analysis of Chanting Sanskrit Divine Sound "OM"

As per them, Chanting the Om mantra helps to relieve all mental stress and worldly concerns.

In AUM, the sound “A” represents waking state, e “U” represents the dream state, & “M” represents the state of deep sleep.

Om sound vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, the same vibrational frequency that is found throughout nature

Om chanting causes mental stability, which demonstrates that the human subject's mind is at peace

The Om symbol represents the cosmic sound in the visual form. 

Om is treated as an important spiritual symbol and is widely appreciated as the basic sound of the universe

The Om symbol  is visualized as a combination of curves, a crescent, and a dot. It represents the state of consciousness.

Vibrations of Om have a physical effect on our bodies. It slows down the nervous system & calms the mind

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