10 myths about goddess kali busted

Kali is not always blood-curdling & fearsome. Instead, she is a deeply affectionate & sensitive mother who cares for her children.

Kali never drank the blood of Raktabija. It was Goddess Chamunda who drank it

Kali is naked not because she is shameless but because she is “Digambari.

Kali is not required to be pleased by weird rituals. She gets pleased by merely offering red flowers.

Kali had not appeared from the third eye of Durga. Instead, Durga is the incarnation of Kali

Kali doesn't destroys everything she finds Instead, she is recognised as the Divine Mother.

Kali has nothing to do with Black Magic

Kali never stepped on Mahadeva. Instead, she stepped on Shava Roop Mahadeva and sits on Mahakaal.

Maha Kali isn't more powerful than Kali. She is an incarnation of Kali

Kali was neither created nor can be destroyed. She continues to live till date

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