What is Moksha in Hinduism and How to Achieve it?

Moksha is freedom from the cycle of birth and death. A person has to be born again and again until he/she achieves Moksha

In the state of Moksha, a person experiences oneness with Brahman, the Supreme Self or God. It is a state of knowledge, peace, and bliss.

The concept of Moksha came into being because humans are in search of permanent happiness. It is only permanent happiness that can liberate one from the clutches of sorrow and miseries.

In the state of Moksha, one realizes the Self and becomes one with the Universal Consciousness or God.

When a soul attains Moksha, it loses its outer gender-linked body by bathing in a divine “Viraja” (River) that flows around the liberated world

A liberated soul after attaining Moksha is said to reside in Brahma Loka - the seventh Heaven. The liberated soul travels to the Brahma Loka in a special craft – Vimana.

It should be noted that the Moksha Loka never gets destroyed. It has always been there. In the Moksha Loka, no Sun is needed to illuminate things. Things are self-luminous there.

In the Moksha Loka, no shadow is cast, and there is absolutely no darkness there. Everyone lives in a house made of Chintamani (a miraculous stone capable of giving everything one thinks).

The souls turn into supermen/superwomen and enjoy flying. They can change physical forms as well.

You need to practice self-control and dissolve the ego to attain the state of “Samadhi” (absolute bliss). It is a step-by-step path to Moksha.

Paths to achieve Moksha Karmic Path: It is a  step-by-step path. Akram Path: It is a Stepless path.