Shiva Linga: Know the Science behind its form

Shiva is  worshiped in the form of Shiva Linga. It is a smooth cylindrical mass representing Shiva and rests in a disc-shaped base (yoni)  symbolizing Goddess Shakti.

In Sanskrit, Linga means a symbol or a mark, which points to an inference.

It is an oval shaped structure which goes on to resemble the whole Universe. Its base holds the entire Universe.

The middle part of the Shiva Linga represents Lord Vishnu, and the lowest part of the Lingam is considered to be a form of Lord Brahma.

Some scholars opine that Shiva Linga represents the reproduction function in general. ‘Linga’ is a Sanskrit word which means phallus – the male reproductive organ

The togetherness of Linga and Yoni in a Shiva Linga is equivalent to the process of creation, energy, and enlightenment.

The base of the Lingam represents the Yoni which is the female reproductive organ

As per Tantric Scholars, Shiva Lingam represents  Shiva’s Phallus in spiritual form, symbolizing the union of Shiva and Shakti, the union of cosmic male and female energy

Scholars believe that Shiva Linga is an abstract symbol of God. It propagates the concept that God can be worshiped in any convenient form or shape

Shiva Linga represents the formless Supreme Being that creates, sustains and destroys all the elements of the Universe

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