Science behind Tilak: The Many Scientific Reasons 

The spot between the eyebrows on a forehead is considered a major nerve point in the human body

A tilak prevents the loss of energy, and retains it to control various levels of concentration.

The act of applying this ensures that the points on the mid-brow region & Adnya-chakra are pressed.

The pressing of Adnya-chakra facilitates blood supply to the facial muscles.

As ajna means to “perceive” or “command,” the ajna chakra is considered to be the “eye of intuition,”

This “third eye” is a spiritually potent part of one’s being that helps one to focus inward on the Divine.

Applying the sandal wood paste on forehead also makes the body part cool

This helps us to maintain our temprament

It also removes stress and fatigue

A tilak also signifies what strand of Hinduism one belongs to

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