The Science behind touching Feet of Elders

The act of “Charan Sparsh” or “Pada Sparshan” comes with scientific reasoning

There are nerves all across the human body

These nerves end at our fingertips and toes.

When you touch the feet of an older person, the fingertips of your hand are joined to the feet of the opposite person.

It forms a closed circuit between the two persons & the energies of your bodies become interconnected

Your fingers & hands become the receptor of that energy, and the feet of the elder person becomes the giver of that energy

When you touch the feet of an older person, their heart is filled with positive energy 

They give out the positive energy to you through their hands and feet.

There is also a transfer of goodwill and healing energy from the elder person to the younger person.

So, a closed circuit is established between who seek the blessings & those who bless them, resulting in transfer of energy

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