Krishna and Sudama Story of True Friendship

Sudama was born in a poor Brahmin family. Krishna, on the other hand, belonged to the royal and powerful ruling family of Yaduvanshi lineage

Sudama suffered from extreme poverty. He was surviving under such extreme conditions that he and his wife could not manage to get food, even for the kids.

So, upon his wife’s repeated request, he went to meet Lord Krishna. But he told his wife that he wouldn’t tell Krishna about his condition.

Sudama brought some puffed rice as a gift for Krishna as it was believed that one should not go empty-handed to anyone’s house.

Sudama was astonished to see absence of poverty in the city. Every person looked happy and healthy. 

When the guards gave told Krishna about the visitor, he ran out of the courtroom barefooted to meet Sudama.

Sudama was hesitant to tell Krishna about the gift of puffed rice. Miraculously, Krishna himself asked Sudama about the gift he had brought.

In their childhood, Sudama had eaten snacks without offering to Krishna. Sudama was suffering of poverty due to precisely this reason

As Sudama was leaving for home, Krishna forgave him for all his sins

Krishna did not hand Sudama any gift. But when he reached his home, he discovered that his small cottage had converted into a huge palace

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