Krishna and Sudama Story of True Friendship

The story of Krishna and Sudama is one of the most famous stories about friendship, selfless devotion, and God’s blessings. So let us know more about their friendship and life.

Krishna and Sudama’s Background

Sudama was born in a poor Brahmin family in Porbandar, Gujarat. According to Shaiva’s literary work, named Prakrishta Nandokta Agama, Sudama’s father’s name was Sudhamaya. But different works named, Sudama’s father various names. Like in Nigrahagama, he is named Darp Kardam.

In contrast to Sudama, Krishna belonged to the royal and powerful ruling family of Yaduvanshi lineage. Shri Krishna was one of Vishnu’s avatars. There was a huge gap in their social status, but Krishna didn’t allow this gap to affect their friendship.

Krishna and Sudama Story

The Story of Krishna and Sudama

Even though Shri Krishna was from a powerful family, he was sent to the ashram of Saipan. In this ashram, both Krishna and Sudama attained their education.

When you are in an ashram, you are supposed to do all the tasks on your own hence the students studying in the ashram got many different tasks to perform. On one such day, Sudama and Krishna were selected to go to the forest and get wood.

But amidst the task, it started to rain, and therefore they both had to take shelter under a tree. Krishna told Sudama he was hungry and whether Sudama had something to eat. Although Sudama had puffed rice with him, he said he didn’t have anything.

Krishna and Sudama’s Life

Their paths separated when Krishna and Sudama’s education was completed and they grew up. On the one hand, Krishna became a powerful ruler, got famous, and was highly respected by everyone. He was also known for his great deeds.

But Sudama remained a humble and poor Brahmin living in the village. While Krishna was becoming more powerful and renowned for his deeds, Sudama suffered from extreme poverty. He was surviving under such extreme conditions that he and his wife could not manage to get food, even for the kids.

During this crisis, Sudama’s wife Susheela suggested he go to his dear childhood Krishna about whom he always talks.

Sudama couldn’t gather the courage to ask for help from his friend because he hadn’t met him in years, but he always kept Bhagwan Krishna in his heart.

He couldn’t forget the divine friendship, but according to Sudama, friendship is not meant for asking favors. Once you are grown up, you should be responsible for your success, not your friends.

So, upon his wife’s repeated request, he went to meet Lord Krishna. But he told his wife that he wouldn’t tell Krishna about his condition. Upon seeing her husband’s determination and devotion to Shree Krishna, Susheela agreed.

Krishna and Sudama’s Meeting

Before leaving his home, Sudama packed some puffed rice as a gift for Krishna because it was believed that you should not go empty-handed to anyone’s house.

When Sudama reached Dwarka, the place where Krishna ruled, he was shocked by the view of the place. It was as if there was nothing like poverty in the city. On the contrary, every person looked happy and healthy. He could not believe how prosperous the city looked.

When Sudama reached Krishna’s palace, he was mesmerized by its beauty. He told the palace guard to call Krishna and say to him that Sudama has come.

Upon seeing Sudama’s old clothes and poor condition, the guard doubted whether his King would even know who Sudama was. Still, when he gave this message to Krishna, he ran out of the courtroom barefooted to meet Sudama.

The moment was very touching and auspicious. Sudama was hesitant to enter the place because people were staring at him. Still, Krishna brought him in and welcomed him wholeheartedly.

Krishna knew that Sudama had brought puffed rice for him but was so shy that he would not tell him. He then asked Sudama with a divine smile on his face about the gift he had brought to which Sudama replied by hesitantly taking out the packet of puffed rice.

Sudama doubted whether Krishna would accept the puffed rice, but to his shock, Krishna not only loved the gift but at the puffed rice with delight. After spending some time with his dearest friend, Sudama proceeded to leave.

Sudama had visited the palace to meet Lord Krishna and his dear friend. He left the palace with great devotion.

Krishna Sudam Friendship

The Gift of Krishna

In return for Sudama’s selfless devotion and true friendship, Bhagwan Krishna forgave Sudama for all his mistakes and gave him what he truly deserved.

Krishna did not hand him any gift because Sudama was not strong enough to carry anything. But when he reached his home, he discovered that his small cottage was gone and now there was a huge palace. And all his children and wife were dressed in the finest garments.

This shows that true and selfless devotion to the lord results in the form of abundant blessing and good fortune. So just have faith and pure devotion to God, and he will help you.

Why did Krishna not help Sudama before?

When Krishna was if the forest with Sudama collecting wood and it started to rain, Krishna asked Sudama for some snacks. After not getting anything, Krishna got tired and decided to lay down to rest on Sudama’s lap.

When Sudama saw that Krishna was asleep, he took out the puffed rice and began eating. Sudama assumed Krishna was sleeping, but in reality, Krishna knew every movement was happening while his eyes were closed.

Krishna suddenly asked Sudama whether he was eating something and what the sound was. However, Sudama still replied that he didn’t have anything to eat, and Krishna heard sounds because his teeth were chattering with cold. Sudama said that he could not even say anything because of the cold.

Then Krishna said to Sudama that he just now had a dream where one person was consuming another’s food. When the other person asked about it, the first person said what soil he should eat, meaning he had nothing to consume. And in reply, the other person said that let it be so.

Krishna then said to Sudama that he asked that question under the influence of the dream, and he said he knew that Sudama would never eat anything without him.

Krishna was omniscient; therefore, he knew every move of Sudama and everything happening while he was resting.

Because of this action of Sudama, he had to suffer in poverty in his later life, and Shri Krishna didn’t help him until then. But when he met Lord Krishna in his palace and offered the puffed rice to Krishna, he was pleased and gave Sudama a place where he could spend the rest of his life in devotion and peace.

This is why any worship or ritual is said to offer the food first to God and then the people to have it.

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