The Science behind Nakshatra

27 Nakshatras are described in Hindu Astrology

The movement of the Moon gives rise to the concept of Nakshatras.

It is the name given to the constellations or mansions of the Moon.

It is made of the root words ‘Naksha’ meaning sky and ‘Tra’ meaning region.

 Each Nakshatra consists of 13º and 20 minutes of the zodiac.

When we multiply this length by 27, it gives us the entire zodiacal belt of 360 degrees.

The 27 Nakshatras or 27 Constellations are 300 to 400 light years away from earth.

Vedic Astrology divides the zodiac (360 degrees) into 13.2 degrees of arc per Nakshatra.

Each Nakshatras has four Padas, & each Pada has a sound associated with it

Using Nakshatra, the name of new-born child is deduced

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