Is Ravana’s Brother Vibhishana Still Alive? Facts You Should Know

In this post, we will talk about Ravana’s Brother Vibhishana and whether he is still alive.

There has been a controversy around many mythological characters time and again. Some are speculated for their flawed characters, while others present some mysterious theories that scholars are still trying to prove. Whatever it is, one thing is certain, such speculations offer a lot of thrill to the mythological freaks. All for a good reason!

One of such controversial characters in Hindu Mythology is Ravana’s brother, Vibhishana. According to our scriptures, Vibhishan is still considered to be alive. It may come as a surprise and a completely false apprehension to some. And some might staunchly believe in his existence. However, there has always been some element of doubt attached to this belief for obvious reasons.

As Lord Ram blessed Vibhisana with immortality, Vibhishana is believed to be still walking on the Earth’s surface. But how true is this statement? We will find out in this article.

Who is Vibhishana?

Vibhishana was a part of Hindu Mythology’s most famous epic, Ramayana. He was Ravana’s younger brother. Even though he was a Rakshasa himself, just like Ravana, the two brothers were poles apart from each other in terms of their mannerisms.


Vibhishan was an ardent worshipper of Lord Vishnu since childhood. All his qualities were Satvic (pure) in nature. He tirelessly chanted the Lord’s name and fixated all his senses on his worship.

All he wanted was to offer Lord Vishnu his utmost devotion and service, day and night. In return, Lord Brahma blessed him with saintliness. On meeting Lord Rama, he was able to meet all his spiritual aspirations by joining his army and helping him win the battle against Ravana.

Even though Ravana was his brother, Vibhishana had a completely different thought process. Vibhishana was against Ravana and revolted against him for kidnapping Sita. He tried to cordially make Ravana realize his ill deeds and brutality against Ram and Sita. But Ravana remained indifferent. Due to such disputes, both the brothers grew apart. Even though Vibhishan was initially on Ravana’s side, being his brother, he left on to join Lord Ram on his mission to retrieve Sita from Lanka.

As soon as Vibhishana realized who was wrong and right, he devoted himself to the right cause. He joined Ram’s army and helped Ram tremendously in winning the battle. For instance, Vibhishana told Ram about the immortality nectar that Ravana had stored in his naval.

Vibhishana directed Ram that his naval must be targeted to kill Ravana as that’s the only way of killing him. Through this knowledge, he could finally defeat Ravana. Lord Rama crowned Vibhishan as the kind of Lanka before commencing for Ayodhya with Sita and Lakshaman.

Vibhishana’s Family

Even though Vibhishana was a Rakshasa (demon), he was extremely virtuous and righteous, just like a Brahmin. He was the youngest son of the Brahmin Vishrava and Kaikesi. His elder brothers were Ravana, the king of Lanka, and Kumbhakaran.

Vibhishana’s wife was Sarma, and they had a daughter named Thirijata. Thirijata guarded Sita in Ashok Vatika. Before Vibhisana set off from Lanka to join Lord Ram’s army, he went to his daughter and wife to let them know about his plan of joining Lord Rama in his mission. They were the only ones who knew of Vibhishan’s intentions and supported him in his cause.

Before stepping out, he directed his daughter Thirijata to take care of Sita devotedly until Lord Ram defeats Ravana.

Surpanakha was the sister of Ravana and Vibhishana.

Where is Vibhishana now?

Vibhishana is considered to be one of the eight Chiranjivis (immortals). Chiranjivis are basically the eight immortals in Hindu Mythology who were blessed with immortality to remain on Earth and serve humanity with their piousness and morality.

When Lord Ram was about to commence his journey to Ayodhya with Sita and Lakshman after defeating Ravana, he gave his blessings to Vibhishan. Firstly, he crowned him as the king of Lanka, and secondly, he blessed his devotee with immortality.

He blessed Vibhishana with immortality so that he could offer his piousness to the coming generations. Lord Rama deeply admired his devotion, virtues, morality, and godliness. As Vibhishana was also a huge devotee of Lord Rama, he saw Vibhishana fit for the task of remaining alive to serve humanity and maintain order in society.

Chiranjivis, or immortals, are given the boon of immortality. And only pious ones are blessed with such a responsibility. The Lord himself picks the eight immortals to safeguard society for centuries. Therefore, according to the mythology, all of the Chiranjivis are still alive, especially, Parashuram, who will be a guide to Vishnu’s avatar Kalki, in destroying evil and sustaining peace in society.

However, Vibhishana is not a true Chiranjeevi. Unlike other Chiranjivis who are supposed to stay alive until the end of Kali Yuga, Vibhishan was given the boon of longevity only until the end of Maha Yuga.

According to astronomical evidence, a Maha Yuga consists of 4,320,000 human years. Therefore, as the Maha Yuga in which Ramayana took place 7000 years ago in 5114 BC is still not over, we can conclude that Vibhishana is still alive.

Vibhishana was given this boon to support humanity and promote righteousness amongst people in some form or the other. But, of course, the exact forms and ways are not known and proven. Still, every astronomical, spiritual, and mythological evidence hints toward Vibhishana’s presence even in the 21st century.

Let’s hope Chiranjeevi shows up someday to save the world. Or maybe they are, in some way or the other, who knows! However, one must keep in mind that the Chiranjivis are not supposed to “save the world” per se.

They were only appointed as tools to promote well-being in society. The characteristics of each Chiranjivi are exactly the task they are supposed to do while being on Earth. When it comes to Vibhishan, he was known for his righteousness. And that’s what he is associated with.

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