Hindu Calendar

How Hindu Calendar Works

The Sanatan Dharm, or Hindu Religion, is one of the oldest Religions in the world. Being one of the oldest Religions, it has one of the oldest Date Systems in the world too. However, there is another fact that is so astonishing. There is Cultural diversity in Hindu Religion and also Diversity in Date Systems.

Facts About Mahabharata Draupadi

10 Facts About Mahabharata Draupadi

Mahabharata is the great epic of India. There is barely anyone who has not heard about it. And at some point, we all have claimed that we know everything about Mahabharata. But that might not be the truth.

Narad Muni

All About Narada Purana

The Narada Purana, also called the Naradiya Purana, is one of the two texts from Sanskrit. One is Major Purana, called Narada Purana, and the other is Minor Purana, called the Brihannaradiya Purana.


Is Ravana’s Brother Vibhishana Still Alive? Facts You Should Know

In this post, we will talk about Ravana’s Brother Vibhishana and whether he is still alive. There has been a controversy around many mythological characters time and again. Some are speculated for their flawed characters, while others present some mysterious theories that scholars are still trying to prove. Whatever it is, one thing is certain, …

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