Brahma Muhurta

What is Brahma Muhurta and Its Benefits

In the Vedic tradition of Hinduism, Brahma Muhurta is considered a very important period for prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices. It is regarded as the “time of the creator” or the “Creator’s Hour.”

Ancient Civilizations

10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations of the World

This post shares with you the 10 Oldest Ancient Civilizations of the World. A civilization is defined as a complex society that goes on to create agricultural surpluses and allows for specialized labor and social hierarchy as well as the establishment of cities.

Om AUM ॐ

Om: Meaning and Benefits of Chanting Om

Om (ॐ) is the most sacred exclamation in the Hindu religion. It is regarded as the source of all religions and religious scriptures. The syllable Om is also called as Omkara, Onkara, and Pranava. Today, we share with you the meaning, symbol, and benefits of chanting Om.

Ashadi Ekadashi Katha

All About Vishnu Purana and Its Teachings

The Vishnu Purana is an ancient religious text of the Hindus. It is one of the most important Pancharatra texts in the Vaishnavism literature corpus. It is regarded as one of the 18 Mahapuranas. This post is about Vishnu Purana and its teachings.

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