Story Behind The War Between Lord Ram And Hanuman

The legends and mythological stories in the Hindu Religion go on to present a unique aspect of the Hindu Religion. The Puranas and other religious scriptures of the Hindu Religion have innumerable mythological stories.

These stories not only have a religious significance but also have the deep meaning which teaches us various important principles of life. They go on to enrich our lives and express the everlasting grace of the Supreme Lord.

In this post, we bring you the story of the war between Lord Ram and Hanuman.

Well, it must have surprised you.

As a matter of fact, it was also a shock for us to learn that Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman were once involved in a war.

We can never even imagine that Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman can ever be involved in a war between themselves.

It’s a shocking disclosure.

In fact, Lord Hanuman is considered to be the most devoted follower of Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman is always seen worshipping Lord Ram. He always chants the name of Lord Ram.

We are all aware of the dedicated devotion that Lord Hanuman possessed for Lord Ram.

Story Behind The War Between Lord Ram And Hanuman

The epic tale of Ramayan is full of instances where Lord Hanuman helped Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman went to Lanka to look for Sita, he fought against Ravana alongside Lord Ram, saved Laxman’s life, and helped rescue Sita.

So, it’s a matter of a shock and surprise for everyone of us to learn that there was a war between Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram.

The questions that arise in our minds obviously relate to –

Why did Hanuman fight with Lord Ram?
Did Lord Hanuman want to kill Lord Shri Ram?
Why was Lord Ram compelled to attack Hanuman?
Why did Lord Ram attack Lord Hanuman?
What was the reason behind the war between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman?
What did Lord Hanuman do to deserve Lord Ram’s anger?
What was the outcome of their fight?
Was Lord Ram able to defeat Lord Hanuman?

Well, these are the questions that will be answered when you come to know the story behind the war between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman.

So, just stay in here as we take you through the story describing the war between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman.

The story of the battle between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman

Once a meeting of great sages was organized in the royal court of Ayodhya. All the great sages participated which included sages of the likes of Narada, Vashishta, and Vishwamitra.

They had gathered to discuss whether Lord Ram’s own self was more powerful than his name. Lord Hanuman was also present in the court but did not express his opinions. He remained silent during the discussion.

Most of the sages expressed that Lord Ram’s own self was obviously stronger than his name. However, sage Narada disagreed with other sages and insisted that Ram’s name was powerful than his own self.

Narada insisted that he can prove his remark that Ram’s name is more powerful than Lord Ram himself.

When the meeting got over, and the sages were dispersing, sage Narada went up to Hanuman and told him to pay his respect to all the sages but leave Vishwamitra, as he was a king.

As Lord Hanuman respected sage Narada a lot, so he readily obeyed his instructions and did not offer his respect to Vishwamitra. He greeted all the saints except Vishwamitra.

In the beginning, sage Vishwamitra did not mind this behavior of Lord Hanuman. However, when Narada told Vishwamitra that Hanuman had deliberately avoided him so as to disgrace him, his anger shot up like a big foundation. It angered the great sage Vishwamitra.

He became so much angry over Hanuman that he went to Lord Ram and ordered Him to kill Hanuman for his disgraceful behavior. Lord Hanuman has insulted him by ignoring and had paid respect to other sages.

Sage Vishwamitra was the guru of Lord Rama, so he did not argue with him and readily agreed to fulfill his orders to kill Hanuman.

Lord Ram set out to kill Hanuman.

When Lord Hanuman came to know the intentions of Lord Ram, he felt very much depressed and was confused as to why his beloved Lord Ram would want to kill him.

Seeing the depressed composure of Lord Hanuman, Narada approached him and said to him not to worry. He told Hanuman to keep his calm and keep on chanting the name of Lord Ram – The Ram Naam – “Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.”

When Lord Ram came and confronted Hanuman, he was still chanting Ram Naam with true devotion. Lord Ram began to shot arrows at Hanuman one after the other. However, none of his arrows could hurt Hanuman at all.

All the weapons of Lord Ram failed to harm Hanuman in any way. Lastly, Lord Ram used Brahmastra against Hanuman. However, that too failed to harm Hanuman in any way. Lord Ram was startled at this and began to ponder why all his weapons failed to harm Hanuman.

Sage Narada was watching the whole spectacle. He approached Vishwamitra and admitted that he had provoked Hanuman.

When Lord Ram came to know about Narad’s trickery, he stopped his fight against Hanuman.

At this Narada uttered that he had planned this episode of war between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman just to prove that the name of Lord Ram is stronger than Ram himself.

As Hanuman was chanting the name of Lord Ram, the weapons of Lord Ram failed to harm him in any way.

Thus, this story of the war between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman shows us the importance of believing and chanting the name of Lord Ram – The Supreme Power.

In this age of Kali Yuga, we are so engrossed in petty things that we rarely remember to take the name of the Supreme Lord. Lord Ram is our Savior, and so we should always remember to chant the Ram Naam.

!! Jai Shri Ram !!

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