100+ Powerful Shiva Quotes in English

Reading Shiva’s quotes helps you understand what is right and awaken your mind. Even though Bhagwan Shiva is full of anger, he can be easily impressed with pure devotion and blesses everyone. His quotes will show you the right path and the truth of this world.

Lord Shiva is considered one of the three most important gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. He is called many names: Adiyogi, Mahakal, Bolenath, Mahadev, or Shiva. His worshippers and followers are all around the world.

Shiva Quotes

He is one of the most worshipped deities in Hinduism. And in this article, we will see the Shiva quotes that will bring positivity, a ray of hope, and sunshine to your life.

110 Mahadev Shiva Quotes

So let us begin

  1. Shiva is all and everything; he is the Universe.
  2. The two eyes of Shiva are one-sided, and to get a perfect balance, you need to see his third eye.
  3. When the world puts you in trouble, Mahadev rescues you.
  4. Shiva teaches you to do deeds that are good for this world.
  5. Mahadev belongs to the past, present, and future.
  6. The blue throat of Shiva shows the poison he drank, and the control over his anger must be transformed into a constructive way.
  7. Shiva is so complex and complete that nothing in this world is left out of him.
  8. Lord Shiva is described as darkness and not as light because darkness occurs everywhere.
  9. Shiva never controls you or your life. Therefore, you are unengaged in producing your own life.
  10. Shiva says that many times all you need to do is stay calm and have faith to achieve peace.
  11. In the Yogic culture, Mahadev is called Adi (first) Yogi, which means he is the source of knowledge and liberation.
  12. Shiva says that creation and destruction are related to each other as one thing dies, another thing takes birth, and the time between creation and destruction is called your life.
  13. According to Shiva, you are free to make decisions of your own, but you are not free to run away from the consequences of those decisions.
  14. Shiva and Shakti are inseparable.
  15. If you truly understand Lord Shiva, you will realize that his silence has lots of meaning.
  16. I am Shiva, as well as Shakti. I am everything male and female, flesh and spirit, light and dark, balanced into one single moment lasting for eternity.
  17. Nothing is everything, and everything is nothing.
  18. Mahadev is a living presence and not a god sitting up somewhere.
  19. Lord Shiva lacks manners, but everyone worships him because he is great.
  20. You can learn the greatest thing from Shiva is to help the needy.
  21. Whenever Shiva opens his third eye, fire comes out of it, and this fire indicates that Shiva has burnt everything inside him.
  22. Mahadev is a symbol, a chance, a source for you to transform yourself and create your own life.
  23. When you learn how to control negative thoughts in your mind, the victory is yours.
  24. Lord Shiva’s Kamandalam symbolizes the removal of negativity and the retention of positivity.
  25. Shiva always teaches that materialistic happiness never stays.
  26. Adiyogi is not a structure but a force that turns the world from a mass of believers to seekers of truth.
  27. In Yogic culture, Shiva is the deep emptiness from which life emerges and then collapses into it.
  28. Shiva is indeed the basis of creation, but Shakti does the first act of creation.
  29. Shiva is the path that you need to follow if you want to step into the next moment as a completely different person.
  30. Shiva is always inside you when you trust him and follow the correct path.
    Mahadev quotes
  31. Shiva unites with Shakti to create.
  32. Mahadev says that nothing is more important in life than life itself, and you should always remember that.
  33. He is Mahadev; he is Tridev.
  34. You will hear the chant of “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” when you believe in him.
  35. The word Shiva alone means deathless, timeless, changeless, formless, and omnipresent.
  36. Shiva was and continually is going to be the true definition of affection.
  37. Shiva is present here and everywhere, and He is omnipresent.
  38. Mahadev is the god of gods, and he accepts all the people. Therefore, he helps the one who creates a better world.
  39. Lord Shiva’s eyes don’t have any duality.
  40. Lord Shiva has many different forms; he is the supreme immortal within whom all the dualities submerge and form the greater whole.
  41. Mahadev’s head is fire, his eyes are the sun and the moon, his ears are space, his breaths are the winds, his feet are the world, and his heart is the Universe. He’s the inner self of all beings.
  42. Shiva says that you never let sin get committed in front of you. If you do so, you also become a culprit as the doer.
  43. One who has the ability to control can win.
  44. Mahadev is the source of greatness, and he is all in all. He is the one who rules in the heart of his followers and also the rest of the deities.
  45. Shiva is also called Ardhanari because he is half male and half female. Without the female part, he can’t be a Yogi.
  46. Adiyogi is Yogi, and he is called Shiva because it is believed he is the seed of infiniteness.
  47. All the creations come from nothingness and go back to nothingness. This nothingness which is the ultimate source of all creation is called Shiva.
  48. Shiva means that which is not, meaning nothing. Shiva is that nothingness that gives rise to every creation and meaning to everything.
  49. We didn’t say that Shiva is divine or that Shiva is god, but we do say that Shiva is that which is not.
  50. Shiva is referred to as the limitless nothingness, which is the basis of existence.
  51. Shiva likes those who are not attached to anything or any pleasures but are simply burning.
  52. Shiva is referred to by people as the non-physical dimension of existence, and this is the largest dimension in the cosmos.
  53. Mahashivratri and various other festivals that we celebrate are just our efforts to express our gratitude to Lord Shiva, as without him, none of our creations will survive.
  54. The Shiva Lingam is the symbol of endlessness and beginningless. And we refer to the lingam as Shiva because, without the lingam, there won’t be any Shiva.
  55. Shiva is called the Chidambaram, which means the inner sky because Shiva is the inner sky of consciousness.
  56. The originator of Yoga is Adiyogi himself.
  57. Only when Lord Shiva unites with Shakti does he gains the power to create something.
  58. Mahadev is not a solution for small problems but for liberation.
  59. The reason why Shiva is considered the greatest power and the epitome of greatness is that Shiva means nothingness which forms the basis of every creation.
  60. Shiva is called Swayambhu because he has no mother, father, or lineage.
  61. The serpent around Shiva’s neck with a raised hood means that the energies have reached their peak.
  62. Lord Shiva loves all those people who trust him.
  63. Shiva and Shakti are the universes.
  64. Shiva is Tridev; he is Mahadev.
  65. The whole universe bows in front of Mahadev. I bow in front of Mahadev.
  66. When your thoughts are not peaceful, you talk. Silence can be maintained only when your thoughts are under your control.
  67. You have done this before, and you can do it now. Also, just look at the positive parts of your life. Redirect the energy of your anger, frustration, pain, and anxiety to become positive, controlled, and unstoppable.
  68. The sound of Mahadev’s Damru is enough to shake the evil and wake the wise person.
  69. Lord Shiva has a plan for you, so enjoy your life and be happy
  70. Shiva is sentiment; he is emotion. Shiva is everything, and there is nothing beyond him. He is the divine emptiness that has no end.
  71. He is the god of time. He belongs to the past, present, and future.
  72. Only he and his blessing stay throughout your life; the rest fades away.
  73. Shiva is Shakti, he is Bhakti. Shiva is Brahman, he is Omkar. He is infinite; he is the truth.
  74. You can achieve peace when you are calm and believes in your decisions.
  75. Shiva is everything we know, and he is everything we don’t know.
  76. The moment you learn how to control your negative thoughts is the moment you will become the winner.
  77. The road might look difficult but start walking as Shiva is there on the other side for you.
  78. We all worship the three eyes trinity, which is fragrant, and the one who nurtures us and frees us from the cycle of rebirth and gives liberation.
  79. If you say Shiva is all you have, then trust me, you have all you need.
  80. Shiva is always behind you, before you, beside you, within you, and for you.
  81. He never decides your life, and you need to understand this. Don’t blame him for your carelessness.
  82. The greatest lesson that Lord Shiva teaches you is to leave your ego and pride if you want to lead a happy life.
  83. Life is meaningless without Mahadev.
  84. Shiva says your life will gain meaning only when you work after your goals in an unstoppable way.
  85. When everything seems out of your hands, then understand that Mahadev himself took your responsibility into his hands.
  86. May you and your family get abundant blessings from Lord Shiva.
  87. When his shadow is above your head, even pain will feel like a relief.
  88. Lord Shiva hears everyone’s prayers, sees everyone’s tears, and remembers everyone. All you have to do is just trust his perfect timing.
  89. Lord Shiva is the true definition of greatness, purity, and love.
  90. Lord Shiva is the ultimate immortal, and all the creations develop from him and submerge into him.
  91. It doesn’t matter what comes in your life but never tolerates evil.
  92. Mahadev is absolute, and every creature merges within him in the end.
  93. “SELF-CONTROL” is what you need to live your life decently.
  94. You must know to destroy negativity in your life.
  95. When Shiva taught the dimensions that we today refer to as Yoga, he brought this possibility of an alliance with creation into human life.
  96. Shiva is the ultimate source of consciousness.
  97. When Shakti takes over, Shiva steps back.
  98. Hard times or bad times, always stick to the side of Lord Shiva because when you are down to nothing, Shiva is surely up to something.
  99. Everyone, whether Gods or demons, loves Mahadev. This shows that he blesses everyone and helps everyone.
  100. When you understand lord Shiva’s true nature, you will never complain.
  101. The desire leads to obsession, and this obsession leads you to destruction.
  102. The Ganga in Shiva’s head simply shows you know what you are getting yourself into.
  103. Lord Shiva shows how to use your power for the right cause. He shows that you should never hurt anyone.
  104. Mahadev is called the Mahayogi because he meditates every time for the well-being of the Universe.
  105. Mahadev is a Yogi who is free from desires and has no obsession with anything.
  106. Be with your partners like Shiva and Parvati.
  107. Lord Shiva will always protect you from all the negativity.
  108. Mahadev is supreme, and nobody can stand against him.
  109. You will never be alone if you have faith in him.
  110. Mahadev is the master of the master, but he is called Bholenath.

I hope these quotes help you feel happy, and may Lord Shiva bless you and your family. HAR HAR, MAHADEV!!

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