Why is Water Continuously Dropped on Shiva Linga?

The beauty of the Hindu religion is that there are various explanations for one particular thing. And many intriguing events have taken place in the Hindu culture.

For example, as you always see in any Shiva temple, the Shiva Linga has a pot with water hanging above it, and the water continuously drops down on the Lingam. But why water is dropped on Shiva Linga?

Why is Water Continuously Dropped on Shiva Linga

Are you also as curious as I am? Then let us see the reason behind water dropping over Shiva Linga.

Why Water is Dropped on Shiva Linga?

There are many scientific explanations and cultural beliefs about why water is dropped on Shiva linga. So let us see all of them one by one.

1. The Samudra Manthan

Once all the demons and god did “Samudra Manthan.” This means churning the Ocean of Milk to get their hands on the “Amrita,” the elixir of life. However, the first thing that came out in the churning process was a lethal poison named “Halahala” or “Kalakuta.”

This deadly poison had the potential to eradicate all the creations, including gods. However, the only one who could drink the poison was Lord Shiva.

Therefore, all the gods and demons requested Lord Shiva to consume the poison and save everyone.

Bhagwan Shiv granted their wish by drinking the poison. But being as lethal as the poison was, it could have been painful if it had spread in his entire body.

Therefore his consort Goddess Parvati tied a snake around his neck to keep the poison from spreading throughout his body.

But still, the poison was in his body, and it formed a lot of heat. Therefore to keep his body cool and soothe his pain, all the gods were ordered to pour water over Bhagwan Shiva by Bhagwan Vishnu.

This explains why water is continuously dropped on Shiva Linga in temples. When any Lord Shiva’s devotees pour water over Lingam, his pain is reduced, and in return, he blesses them.

Samudra Manthan

2. The Abhisheka Priya Shiva

Another cultural belief says that Lord Shiva is Abhisheka Priya. This means he likes it when his devotees offer him water or milk. Abhisheka means bathing of divinity to whom you are worshipping.

And Lord Shiva likes water being poured over him because of the heat produced in his body due to the poison.

3. Water is dropped on Shiva Linga to symbolize Ganga

People have a popular belief about water continuously dropping over Shiva Linga. The water falling over Lingam symbolizes the River Ganga flowing through his hair.

The legends say that the Ganga River wasn’t on Earth from the starting.

But the river descended from heaven on the Earth. Ganga in Hindu culture is the Goddess of forgiveness and purification. Her descent to Earth happened because of the royal-sage Bhagiratha. But the force of Ganga was so powerful that it could destroy the Earth.

Therefore Bhagiratha asked for help from Lord Shiva. It was then that Lord Shiva allowed Ganga to first fall over his head before taking the form of a river and flowing on the surface of Earth.

hiva Linga Ganga

4. The Nuclear Reactor Structure

After all of these cultural beliefs comes the explanation of Science on why water is continuously dropped on Shiva Linga?

According to Science, Lingam is a structure of nuclear reactors, and the constant dripping of milk or water on Shiva Linga keeps the structure cool.

Nuclear reactors are always made in the shape of Shiva Linga because the reactors in this shape store more power and energy.

Like the water used as a coolant in nuclear reactors is drained and removed similarly, the water used to cool Lingam is drained and removed.

In nuclear power plants, the drained water is neutralized and is no longer used; the devotees are not allowed to touch the water drained from Shiva Linga.

Nuclear Reactor Structure

5. The Black Hole

Another research Science explains that Shiva Linga is a symbol of the black hole, and the constant water dripping on it shows how Shiva Linga is consuming energy.

6. Water is Dropped on Shiva Linga to keep Shiva Involved

Bhagwan Shiv, as conveyed through scriptures and depicted in books, is an ascetic god. It means he spends most of his time meditating.

He doesn’t want to get involved in worldly matters, so he meditates.

However, his attention and care are essential for the world to survive. He brings balance to the world; water is continuously dropped over his head to keep him engaged with worldly matters.

7. The Third Eye

Lord Shiva meditates for most of his time. But he is considered to have an angry temperament. There is a third eye on his forehead, which he opens when he is enraged.

When disturbed while meditating, he opens his third eye, emitting fire and immediately reducing anyone into ashes.

To keep his third eye from opening and emitting fire, water or milk is dropped continuously over Shiva Linga. It keeps him cool.

Shiva Third Eye

8. Water is dropped continuously on Shiva Linga to stop the rays it emits

When the (Pran Prathista) consecration of Shiva Linga takes place according to the rituals, then Shiva Linga becomes powerful energy, and this energy is spread everywhere.

This energy is so powerful that when a person stands in front of the Lingam, these rays immediately enter his body, and happiness can be felt.

These rays also have the power to cure any chronic illness or disease. These rays and energy are captured and analyzed through the Kerlin cameras. This camera takes photos of rays.

Various researches have shown that the photos taken before the consecration of the idol are simply black and white.

In contrast, after the consecration takes place, there is a bright aura surrounding the Shiva Linga. Proving the fact that Shiva Linga emits energies.

Shiva Linga emits powerful energy; however, not everyone is spiritually inclined enough to absorb these powerful and pure rays. Therefore, water is always kept dropping over Shiva Linga to remove these rays, and Sandalwood paste is applied to the Shiva Linga.

These were the explanations for why water is continuously dropped on Shiva Linga. Hope they were helpful.

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