Lord Vishnu Kurma Avatar

Lord Vishnu Kurma Avatar Story

This post shares with you Lord Vishnu Kurma Avatar Story. The Kurma Avatar is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu. It came into being after the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Avatars of Lord Shiva

19 Avatars of Lord Shiva

Did you know that Lord Shiva took avatars? Well, Lord Shiva took 19 avatars in all in various Yugas. In Shiva Mahapuran, there is a mention of these Avatars of Lord Shiva. Here’s a look into the 19 Avatars of Lord Shiva.

Varaha Avatar

Story of Varaha Avatar

The Varaha Avatar is the third incarnation of the ten incarnations (Dashavatara) of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu. According to Hindu Holy Scriptures, Lord Vishnu took avatar whenever the universe was in turmoil. Here, we have shared with you the story of Varaha Avatar.

Matsya Avatar

Lord Vishnu Matsya Avatar Story

In this post, we have shared with you, Lord Vishnu Matsya Avatar Story. Lord Vishnu, the protector, is regarded as one of the three principal deities in Hinduism along with Brahma, the creator, and Shiva, the destroyer.

Lord Parshuram

Lord Parshuram Story and Parshuram Jayanti Date

Parshuram is regarded as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. He is also known as the “ax-wielding Rama.” Here, we share with you Lord Parshuram’s story and Parshuram Jayanti Date.

Lord Kalki Avatar

Lord Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu in Kaliyug

Kalki or Kalkin is regarded as the last and final avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu Puranas, Lord Kalki is prophesied as the tenth avatar of Hindu God Lord Vishnu in Kaliyug.

Daksh Prajapati

Who is Daksh Prajapati?

According to the Hindu Religion (Sanatan Dharma), Daksh Prajapati is one of the sons of Lord Brahma. He is often portrayed as an obese man having a stocky body, and protruding belly. His head was of an ibex-like creature with spiral horns.

Kaal Bhairav

About Kaal Bhairava and Kalabhairava Mantra

Kaal Bhairava is regarded as a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, who is associated with annihilation. He is held sacred by the Hindus and is usually worshiped as a Hindu Tantric deity. This post is about Kaal Bhairava and Kalabhairava Mantra.

Black Ganapati Meaning

Black Ganapati Idol Importance

Black Ganapati holds special importance for the devotees of Lord Ganesha all over the world. In fact, Black Ganapati has a lot of meaning and symbolism associated with it. In this post, you will come to know about Black Ganapati Idol Importance.

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