Lord Vishnu Vamana Avatar Story

Vamana Avatar is the fifth incarnation of the Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu. Vamana is the Brahmin avatar of the supreme Lord Vishnu and was the first proper human avatar of Lord Vishnu. Here, we will share with you Lord Vishnu Vamana Avatar Story.

As per the Hindu Puranas, the Vamana Avatar took back the three worlds (known as the Triloka) from the Asura King Bali in three steps to hand them over to Lord Indra.

Vamana Avatar

‘Vamana’ means ‘dwarf,’ ‘small,’ or ‘short in stature.’ Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu was born of the great sage Kashyap and his wife, Aditi. Vamana Avatar is also known by various names, including:

  • Balibandhana: The one who fettered the demon Bali
  • Trivikrama: ‘three steps’ or ‘three strides’
  • Upendra: ‘younger brother of Indra’ as Vamana Avatar was born as one of the 12 Adityas – sons- of Aditi and the sage Kashyap.
  • Urukrama: ‘wide stride’ as Vamana Avatar covered all existence with the second step.
  • Vamanadeva: ‘Dwarf God’ (Vamana means dwarf and Deva means God)

Vamana Avatar defeated the noble Asura king Bali.

Bali was the grandson of Prahlad and the son of Virochan. He defeated Indra and became the king of the three worlds.

The gods took refuge in Bhagwan Vishnu, who agreed to restore Indra to power.

Vishnu incarnated as the Aditya dwarf-Brahmin, Vamana (son of Kashyap and Aditi).

Vamana attended the sacrifice (Yagna) conducted by Bali and requested only three steps of land. Bali agrees despite being warned by his guru Sukracharya about Vamana’s true nature and purpose as Vishnu.

Finally, Vamana extends in size and encompasses all existence and beyond in three strides. Vamana gave the three worlds to Indra. Bali and all other Asuras are banished to the netherworlds.

Story of Vamana Avatar

The Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu annihilated the Daityaraj Bali, the grandson of Prahlad and the son of Virochan.

After the churning of the oceans (Samudra Manthan Episode), the Gods became immortal and powerful as they got hold of the pious ‘Amrit.’ Indra defeated the Asuras and killed the Daityaraj King Virochan.

Virochan’s young son Bali then approached Sukracharya, the Guru of Asuras. He asked Sukracharya how he can regain all his power and kingdom.

So, Sukracharya advised him to perform the Mahabhishek Vishwajeet Yagya to get back all the power and kingdom from Indra.

Bali agreed to perform the Yagya under the supervision of his Guru Sukracharya.

After Bali performed the Yagya, he received a golden chariot that was pulled by four horses and ran at the wind’s speed.

He also attained a quiver with numerous arrows, a flag post with a lion’s head, plus a celestial armor.

Along with these things, Bali also got a garland of ever-blooming flowers and a conch shell with thunderous sound from his Guru Sukracharya.

Now, Bali proceeded to battle against Indra.

Daityaraj Bali defeated Indra in the battle. Indra had to run away from the battlefield to save his life.

Bali sought Sukracharya’s advice so that he can maintain his victorious position against Indra.

Sukracharya told Bali that he had to keep performing the Yagya if he wanted to maintain his winning position against Indra and live a fearless and powerful life. He should also give alms to the poor and the Brahmins.

Bali readily agreed to keep the words of Sukracharya so that he can maintain his victorious position.

Meanwhile, Indra approached Guru Brihaspati to advise how he can regain his lost kingdom from Bali. Acharya Brihaspati told Indra that he should seek Lord Vishnu’s help. So, Indra performed immense penance to please Lord Vishnu.

Indra’s mother, Aditi, the wife of Maharishi Kashyap, approached Lord Vishnu for help when he saw his son in trouble.

Lord Vishnu said, “Devamata, I will help you. I will take birth in the form of your son soon and help your son (Indra) to get back his kingdom from Bali.”

After some time, Aditi gave birth to a boy and named him Vamana as he was a ‘Dwarf.’

One day Vamana posed as a Brahmin went to the spot where Daityaraj Bali and Sukracharya performed the Yagya.

Bali welcomed the Brahmin boy Vamana.

Bali said, “How can I help you, young Brahmin?”

Vamana (the Brahmin boy) said, “I have heard that you give alms to Brahmins. I do not want any luxuries or wealth. I only need the land that my three steps can cover.”

All the Asuras laughed at Vamana’s request.

However, Daityaraj Bali agreed to grant the boy what he wanted. Sukracharya warned Bali that the boy was not an ordinary Brahmin. He was Lord Vishnu in the disguise of a Brahmin boy. However, Bali kept his promise given to the Brahmin boy Vamana.

Soon (to everyone’s surprise), the boy started to grow in size. He became more massive than the planet Earth itself. In the first step, he claimed the Earth. In the second step, he claimed Amravati, which was under Bali’s control.

Then the Brahmin boy Vamana said, “Bali, where should I keep my third step. I have already possessed Earth and Heaven. Now, there is no place left.”

Sukracharya warned Bali, “The Brahmin boy was Lord Vishnu himself. So, don’t allow him to take the third step else you’ll lose all that you have with you.”

Bali replied, “Acharya, I have given him my word. So, I can’t go back from it.” The Asuras heard this and stepped forward to attack Vamana, but they could not harm him at all.

Now, Bali addressed Vamana and said, “As there is nothing left, you can keep your third step on my head.”

On hearing Bali’s words, Lord Vishnu appeared in his true form. He blessed Bali, saying, “From now on, Bali, you will rule Pataal Loka forever.”

So, Bali went away to Pataal Loka.

Indra regained his lost kingdom due to Lord Vishnu’s Vamana Avatar.

This is Lord Vishnu Vamana Avatar Story.

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