Who is Narad Muni and Stories of Sage Narada

This post is about Narad Muni and Story Associated with Sage Narada. Narad Muni is a Vedic sage. He is mostly referred to as the king of all sages or rishis. He is called as Rishiraj.

Who is Sage Narad?

According to the Hindu traditions, Sage Narad has been described as the Messenger of Gods who carries news and enlightening wisdom. He is a traveling musician and storyteller. He has been gifted with the boon of knowledge, past, present, and future.

Narad Muni has appeared in many Hindu texts such as in Mahabharata, where he tells Yudhishtira the Prahlad story as well as in Ramayana, where he warns Ravana and many other Puranas as well.

Narad Muni

However, Sage Narad was cursed for his knowledge. He would create confusion and controversy wherever he goes. So, he would tell the truth and warn people, but they would never believe him.

According to the Hindu Puranas, Sage Narad had the power to travel to distant worlds. He carries a khartal (musical instrument) and tanpura (Mahathi). He is a champion in playing this musical instrument.

Sage Narad has immense devotion to Lord Vishnu.

He has been described as both wise and mischievous. For Vaishnav enthusiasts, Narad Muni is a pure and elevated soul who glorified Lord Vishnu through his devotional singing. He chants the names Hari and Narayana. Narad Muni demonstrates Bhakti Yoga.

In fact, the Narad Bhakti Sutra is attributed to him. Moreover, Narad Purana is dedicated to him. Naradasmriti deals solely with juridical matters.

Sage Narad can be best understood as a divine musician or a journalist. His intervention had changed the outcome of many events. He is a very significant sage in Hindu mythology. He is widely loved and revered by most Hindus.

The Bhagavata Purana has described the story of Sage Narad’s spiritual enlightenment. Sage Narad is regarded as the primary source of information among Gods. He is recognized as the first journalist on earth.

In his previous birth, Sage Narada was a Gandharva who was cursed to be born on an earthly planet. So, he was born as the son of a maid-servant. He was in the service of some priests who blessed him and taught spiritual knowledge.

After his mother’s death, he decided to roam the forest in search of enlightenment. He sat under a tree in meditation. He had the divine vision of Lord Vishnu.

He spent the rest of his life in devotion to Lord Vishnu, who blessed him that he would take the spiritual form of “Narada” after his death.

The most prominent Narada Muni Temple in India is the Sri Narada Temple at Chigateri, Karnataka.

Sage Narada Temple

Here, we share with you some key facts about Sage Narad:

  • According to Hindu mythology, Sage Narad is one of the twelve immortals or Chiranjeevi.
  • Narad Muni is a great Bhakta of Lord Vishnu. He always chants the Mahamantra – “Narayana Narayana.” He sings various glories of Lord Vishnu. He is a master musician and expert at playing the veena.
  • Sage Narad narrated the story of Lord Ram to Valmiki
  • Sage Narad appeared in Mahabharata, wherein he advised Yudhishthira and taught him his duties as a king.
  • Narad Muni can travel between the three Loka at will. He can do so at a lightning-fast speed.
  • Sage Narada was the messenger of the Gods. He would alert the Gods to take action whenever there is some major crisis awaiting heaven and earth.
  • Sage Narad was a great scholar and master of the Vedas
  • Narada is sometimes portrayed as a mischievous character. However, he did things for the greater good of the Universe.
  • Narada preaches Bhakti Yoga. He preached the importance of devotion and faith.

Why did Narada curse Vishnu?

Although Narada was a Vishnu Bhakta, he once cursed Lord Vishnu. It so happened that once Lord Shiva blessed Narad that he would be able to meditate in Tapovan, a forest meant for Tapasya. No one would be able to disturb.

So, Narad Muni started his meditation.

However, Indra became worried as he did not know his aim of meditation. In order to disturb Narada, Lord Indra sends Agni Deva (God of Fire), Varuna (God of Rain), and Vayu (God of Wind).

Thus, they began their work. Agni Deva lit the place on fire, Vayu made the wind blow, and Varuna made it rain. However, it came of no use, and they returned to heaven.

Now, Indra approached Kamadeva, the God of love, to disturb him. He tried every possible way to disturb Narad Muni. However, Narad remained unaffected. He defeated everything because of his sheer determination.

However, after completing his meditation, Narad Muni became proud of his achievement. He went to Kailash to meet Lord Shiva. He boasted how he defeated Agni Deva, Varuna, Vayu, and Kamadeva. Now, Lord Shiva advised Narad not to say anything to Lord Vishnu.

However, Narada couldn’t resist and boasted everything before Lord Vishnu. So, Lord Vishnu told Narada, “Be on Guard.” But Narad Muni paid no attention to Lord Vishnu’s words.

On his way back, Narad visited King Sheelanidhi’s palace. He came to know about princess Shrimati’s swayamvara. Narad fell in love with the princess and wished to marry her.

Narad read her fortune that whosoever marries the princess would become the king of the three worlds.

So, Narada approached Lord Vishnu and requested him to make him as beautiful as his avatar ‘Hari’ so that the princess chose him as her companion.

At last, the day of swayamvara arrived. Narad Muni was confident that the princess would choose him as his companion. However, the princess laughed when he looked at his face and did not offer him the garland.

Narad was irritated and told the princess that he deserves the garland. However, everyone at the ceremony began to tease him. They asked Narada to look into the mirror.

When Narad looked into the mirror, he was surprised as he did not look like a handsome man but a monkey.

Unfortunately for Narad, Lord Vishnu’s other name ‘Hari’ also means monkey.

Narad became furious and asked Vishnu the reason behind this act. Narad told Lord Vishnu that it is because of this act he had lost his love. He was supposed to be a handsome prince. Instead, he was turned into a monkey.

Later, Narad cursed Lord Vishnu that he would also lose his beloved and will suffer the pain of separation. Narad Muni even exclaimed that it would be monkeys that would help him to get your love back.

Narada said that he would take birth as a human being. Goddess Lakshmi will be his wife. They both would have to suffer the pain of separation.

Lord Vishnu smiled and accepted the curse.

(This incident has been taken from Shri Ramcharitmanas that was written by Goswami Tulsidas.)

Who cursed Narada Muni?

The story has been told in Srimad Bhagavatam.

Daksha had 10,000 sons.

They were called as Haryaśvas.

Daksha had instructed them to populate creation with more beings. However, Sage Narada convinced them to become Sanyasis rather than to beget children.

Then Daksha had 1000 more sons.

He gave them the same instruction.

However, Narada again convinced them to become Sanyasis rather than beget children.

Daksha became very angry with Narada.

He put the following curse on Narada.

“You have made me lose my sons. You are a rascal and do not know how to behave toward others. I put the curse on you that you may travel all over the Universe, but you would have no residence anywhere.”

Narada voluntarily accepted the curse. He could have cursed Prajapati Daksha. However, he took no action as he was a tolerant and merciful Sadhu.

Narad Puran

Narad Purana is one of the major Hindu Puranas. It covers a diverse range of topics such as Vedangas, Moksha, Dharma, etc.

It highlights methods of worshiping Lord Ganesha. It discusses various avatars of Lord Vishnu (Mahavishnu, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Rama, Krishna), Lakshmana, Hanuman, Devi, and MahaLakshmi, as well as Shiva.

It also contains a legend of a king named Rukmangada. It even offers travel guides for pilgrimage along the river Ganges.

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