Bhagwan Parshuram Story and Parshuram Janmotsav Date 2024

Parshuram is regarded as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Hinduism. He is also known as the “ax-wielding Rama.” Here, we share with you Bhagwan Parshuram’s story and Parshuram Janmotsav 2024 Date.

Bhagwan Parshuram Story

Bhagwan Parshuram was born into a Brahmin family. However, he possessed the traits of a Kshatriya and is often regarded as a Brahmin Warrior.

His father was Brahmin Sage Jamadagni, and his mother was Renuka, who was a Kshatriya. It is believed that Parshuram was born in a hut situated on top of the Janapav hills in Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

Lord Parshuram

They had a celestial cow named Surabhi (Cow Kamdhenu’s daughter) that had the power to grant all desires.

Bhagwan Parshuram was immensely powerful. He possessed extreme aggression, warfare talent, and immense courage. He appeared at a time when overwhelming evil was prevailing on Earth.

The Kshatriya class was abusing their power and tyrannizing people. Lord Parshuram helped to correct this cosmic equilibrium by destroying these Kshatriya warriors.

Lord Parshuram has been referred to by many names in the Hindu scriptures, such as Veerarama, Rama Bhargava, and Rama Jamadagnya.

He is the Guru of Bhisma, Dronacharya, and Karna.

Lord Parshuram was an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Shiva.

According to one legend, a king named Kaartavirya Arjun wanted the celestial cow, Surabhi. So, he asked Jamadagni to give it to him. However, Sage refused to do so. When Parshuram was away, the king took it by force.

When Parashurama came to know about this crime, he was very upset. He took his ax in his hand and challenged King Kaartavirya Arjun to battle. They both fight with each other and finally, Parshuram overpowers and kills the king.

This episode was the triggering point for clashes between the warrior class and Parshuram. Ultimately, Parshuram killed all his challengers.

Later, he returned to his father with the Surabhi cow and described the battles he had to fight.

However, the sage did not congratulate Parshuram. Instead, he reprimanded him, stating that a Brahmin should never kill a king. He advised Parshuram that he should go on a pilgrimage.

So, Parashurama followed the advice of his father and set out on a pilgrimage. But, unfortunately, while he was away from the ashram, his father was killed by warriors seeking revenge.

When Parashurama returned from pilgrimage and came to know about this tragic event, he picked up his ax and killed many warriors in retaliation. In the end, Parshuram relinquished his weapons and took up Yogic practices.

There is another legend about Parashurama and the origin of the western coast (Konkan).

This legend states that the Western coast was retrieved from the sea by Parshuram, a warrior sage.

Parshuram threw his battle ax into the sea. As a result, the land of the Western coast arose and was reclaimed from the waters.

In the present day, Goa (A part of the Konkan), a temple has been constructed dedicated to Parshuram in Canacona (South Goa).

Parashurama has been described as a man with matted locks. He has two hands. In one of his hands, Parshuram carries an ax.

However, Agni Purana has described the iconography of Parshuram with four hands. He carries an ax, bow, arrow, and sword.

In the Bhagavata Purana, Parshuram has been described with four hands, carrying an ax, bow, arrows, and a shield like a warrior.

Typically, Parshuram is portrayed with two hands with an ax in the right hand, either seated or standing.

Parshuram is considered “Chiranjeevi” or immortal.

He took Avatar to deliver the world from the oppression of Kshatriya rulers who followed the path of adharma. He swore to wipe out the entire Kshatriya race.

Parshuram waged war after war against the Kshatriyas for 21 years and destroyed them completely, thus fulfilling the purpose of the avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Parshuram had filled five ponds with the blood of Kshatriyas.

Parashurama always carried an ax. He got this ax from Lord Shiva after pleasing him with his meditation. He used the ax to kill the Kshatriyas. Parshuram was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

He learned many methods of warfare and other skills from Lord Shiva. He has been referred to as the “Brahma – Kshatriya,” who possesses both the qualities of Brahmins as well as Kshatriyas.

Once, sage Jamadagni was performing a Yagna in his ashram. He told Renuka (his wife) to fetch some water from the river to obey the Gods.

At that time, Chitraratha (the celestial singer) was playing sports with his wives in the river. Out of curiosity, Renuka stood there to see them engaged in a game with each other. Unfortunately, she missed the time of the oblation.

Jamadagni became so angry with his wife that he ordered his sons to cut off her head. None of his sons came forward. However, Parshuram obeyed his command and killed his mother.

Sage Jamadagni became very happy with his son Parshuram that he told him to ask for a boon. Parashurama replied, “Please bring my innocent mother back to life again.” By now, Jamadagni’s anger had subsided, and he used his yogic powers to bring back life of Renuka.

Unlike Lord Rama and Bhagwan Krishna, Parashurama is not a very popular avatar of Lord Vishnu. However, there are many temples dedicated to him in India.

For example, the Parshuram shrines at Akkalkot, Khapoli, and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra are very popular. In Gujarat, Parshuram temples are located in Bharuch and Songadh. Parashurama temple at Akhnoor in Jammu & Kashmir is also very well known.

Parshuram Temple Chiplun
Parshuram Temple Chiplun

Bhishma and Parshuram Fight

Bhishma was a great warrior. He is specifically known for his skills in the Mahabharata. However, there was a battle between Bhishma and Parshuram that lasted longer than the Kurukshetra War!

Once Bhishma was given the task of finding a bride for his brother Vichitravirya, Bhishma abducted princesses Amba, Ambika, and Ambalika of Kashi at their Swayamvara. However, Amba was committed to Salwa, the ruler of Saubala.

When Amba told her love for Salwa, Bhishma sent her back to Salwa. However, Salwa refused to marry Amba as she had been in the company of another man for so long. So, Amba returned to Bhishma and demanded that he should marry her. Bhishma politely refused by saying that he could not break his promise.

Upon this refusal, Parshuram called him for a fight at Kurukshetra. Bhishma took the blessings of his teacher Parashurama before the fight. Parashurama told Bhishma that if he had not behaved in this manner, he would have cursed Bhishma.

Now, Bhishma and Parshuram began to fight at Kurukshetra. The battle lasted for 24 days; Bhishma tried all his weapons but could not overpower Parshuram. The same was the case with Parshuram!

Lastly, Parshuram proclaimed that his student (Bhishma) was immensely powerful. He told Amba to seek the protection of Bhishma himself. This war was a Dharma Yudh where a teacher (Parshuram) fought against his beloved student (Bhishma) by placing Dharma over everything else.

This war was fought not for any desire but to fulfill their duties!

Parshuram Jayanti Janmotsav 2024

Parshuram Janmotsav is observed as the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Parshuram, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu.

It is celebrated during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the Hindu month of Vaishakha. It is said that Lord Parshuram was born when Tritiya prevails during Pradosh Kala.

Parshuram was born to relieve the Earth from the burden of sinful and destructive monarchs that neglected their duties as kings.

It is believed that Bhagwan Parshuram still lives on Earth. He is considered as “Chiranjeevi” or immortal.

According to the Kalki Purana, Lord Parshuram will be the martial guru of Shri Kalki, the tenth and final avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Parshuram Janmotsav date: 10th May 2024, Friday

  • Tritiya Tithi Begins: 04:17 AM on 10th May 2024
  • Tritiya Tithi Ends: 02:50 AM on 11th May 2024

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