Panna Stone Benefits: Who Should Wear Emerald Gemstone

Panna or Emerald is one of the most attractive gemstones out there. Panna is also one of the most precious gemstones. The Panna gemstone is counted among the “Big Three” in the world of colored gemstones that is the Rubies, the Sapphires, and the Emeralds. Today, we share with you Panna Stone Benefits.

Panna is the gemstone of Planet Mercury.

Panna is extensively used in planetary gem therapy to harness the energies of planet Mercury. Even Vedic Astrology recommends a Mercury Talisman (in the form of gemstone ring or pendant) to derive benefits from favorably placed Mercury in the horoscope.

Panna/Emerald is a mineral compound consisting of a silicate of aluminum and beryllium. Panna attracts green cosmic rays. Panna gemstone color can range from light green to dark green. Generally, Panna gemstone is velvety green in color. Panna gemstone that appears highly transparent and does not have any dark specs inside is considered to be of the highest quality and is highly priced.

Panna Stone Benefits

What does Panna Stone do?

Here, we describe the manifold benefits of wearing Panna gemstone in the form of a gemstone ring or pendant.

According to Vedic Astrology, Panna or Emerald is a highly effective astrological gemstone (Rashi Ratan) of the planet Mercury (Budha). So, Panna is a Budha Ratna.

Panna is worn to get positive influences in life and to strengthen the weakly placed Budha Graha (planet Mercury) in the horoscope.

This precious green colored gemstone has a great significance in the Western Astrology, as well. In western culture, Emerald is considered as the birthstone for the people born in the month of May.

The Indian saints and sages have described many benefits of wearing Panna stone. Panna has many metaphysical properties and strong healing powers. Our ancient Rishis (saints and sages) believed that Panna stone offers benefits such as good health, creative skills, prosperity, wisdom, and blissful marital life.

When you wear a carefully chosen Panna Gemstone, you gain good luck and multifold benefits.

Let’s explore the benefits of Panna gemstone.

Here, you get to know – What does Panna stone do?

  • Panna stone increases your creativity, linguistic skills, and artistic talents. So, people who need to innovate can work more efficiently by wearing the Panna gemstone. Panna is highly beneficial for writers, artists, PRs, as well as media representatives.
  • Panna brings in intellectual progress. You get a better understanding of life. It brings in a balanced perspective. It helps to gain better to grasp deeper subjects.
  • Panna is considered the “Stone of Prosperity.” It represents growth and vitality. Wearing a high-quality Panna gemstone offers better income opportunities and growth in finance. Panna is highly beneficial for people working in banking, finance, and share market.
  • Emerald stone is immensely helpful for students as it enhances their intelligence. Panna improves their grasping power and helps them to do extremely well in exams. Emerald is also helpful for students preparing for competitive exams.
  • Panna stone greatly improves your communication skills. You get a remarkably better, lucid, and clearer style of communication. You can express yourself with confidence.
  • Panna helps to overcome speech and respiratory difficulties. It can even cure nervous disorders and allergies.
  • Emerald is helpful for people in the creative field such as music, movies, painting, fashion designing, interior designing, etc. Panna helps them to get ahead of the competition.
  • Panna helps to reduce mental stress and regulates the blood circulation.
  • Emerald refines Oratorship. According to Vedic Astrology, Panna is the significator of speech. Panna is the Vani Karaka. The healing energies of Panna benefit the individual to gain confidence and express in a better way.
  • The Panna gemstone has the power to hold money with the wearer. So, people who have issues retaining wealth can benefit greatly by wearing the Panna gemstone.
  • Panna helps to overcome eye, ear, or skin related issues. It even cures insomnia, asthma, amnesia, cardiac problems, and ulcer. Gastrointestinal problems (such as gastritis, diarrhea, and dysentery) are said to occur less frequently if one wears a Panna stone.
  • Panna stone increases the power of reasoning and spirituality.
  • The negative effects of evil spirits and nightmares are nullified by wearing the Panna Gemstone. It imparts peace and happiness to the wearer, and they can lead a harmonious and prosperous life.
  • The harmonious energies of Panna stone stimulate positivity and understanding between the couple. It restores warmth and affection in your love life.
  • Panna gemstone is helpful for a pregnant woman to undergo a smooth and hassle-free delivery. She does not have to endure long hours of labor pain.
  • Panna stone has the power to save you from your enemies. If you wear Panna in ring or bracelet, then your enemies can never harm you in any way.
  • People who end up facing losses in their business or have been cheated benefit from wearing Panna stone. The stone removes emotional toxicity. The one who wears Panna stone on his/her body can come out of difficult situation easily.
  • You develop intuition power about the people. So, Panna stone helps you to take the right decision. In short, wearing Panna means that you will never be cheated, defrauded, or betrayed.
  • The Panna stone helps a fickle minded person to concentrate on one thing. Panna improves concentration power and stops the mind to wander from one object to another. Panna relieves people suffering from mental disturbances, anxiety, and stress. So, Panna has healing powers.
  • Fame and fortune come rushing to the person who wears a Panna stone. However, Mercury (Budha Graha) should be well placed in your horoscope.
  • Panna helps astrologers, doctors, psychotherapists, and practitioners of therapies and medicines to rise in their professional performance.
  • Panna also benefits individuals who are writers, politicians, auditors, teachers, councilors, public speakers, architects, founders of schools and colleges, computer related field, judges, government officers to gain huge profits in their profession.
  • ENT specialists (doctors practicing in the field of eyes, ears, nose), child specialists and physicians derive huge benefits by wearing Panna stone. Panna is also beneficial for people associated with CT scan, MRI, and skin treatments.
  • People in the research field, IT sector, nuclear field, and Astronomy benefit greatly by wearing the green colored beautiful Panna gemstone.

Who Should Wear Emerald (Panna) Stone?

  • Panna is a vital gemstone for people with Taurian ascendant. You must know that Mercury enjoys a great relationship with Venus who is the Lord of Taurus. So, a Taurus native can wear the Panna gemstone that bestows them with earning opportunities, the inflow of wealth, career growth, societal recognition, and even spiritual benefits.
  • Panna is most suitable for people with Gemini ascendant as Mercury rules this Sun Sign. Wearing of Panna gemstone will ensure a boost in self-confidence, better health and immunity, and with increased focus and concentration.
  • Panna/Emerald is also suitable for the Virgo Sun Sign as Mercury rules it. Individuals with Mercury placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th House should wear the Panna gemstone for life.
  • Leo ascendants also benefit from wearing Panna. In fact, Mercury is the wealth creating planet for Leo.
  • A Scorpio can wear the Panna gemstone during a Mercury Major Period but after a trial period of three days.
  • Libra ascendants can also wear the Panna gemstone as Mercury is an auspicious planet for the Librans. Persons whose Mercury is placed in a strong position in the 12th House can wear the Panna stone. People in the export/import business can also wear the Panna Gemstone.
  • A Sagittarius whose Mercury is placed in the 1st, 7th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house can wear the Panna/Emerald gemstone.
  • A Capricorn who has strong Mercury in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, or the 10th House can wear the Emerald gemstone for life. Wearing the Panna stone will impart victory in challenging situations and increase in fortune.
  • Aquarians can wear the Panna gemstone if Mercury is placed strongest in the 1st, 4th, 5th, or 9th House.
  • A Pisces person can wear Panna during a Mercury period if the Mercury is placed in the 4th, 7th, 10th, or 11th House.

Who should not wear Emerald (Panna) stone?

  • Descendants ruled by Mars should not wear Panna/Emerald gemstone since Mercury is incompatible with Mars. So, people with Aries Sun Sign should not wear this gemstone. They can only wear the Panna gemstone when Mercury is positioned in the 3rd, 7th, and 10th House in their horoscope chart.
  • The Panna gemstone does not suit the Cancer Sun Sign. However, natives with Cancer Sun Sign can wear Emerald when they are undergoing a major period of Mercury.

How to wear a Panna Gemstone?

To derive maximum benefits from Panna stone, it is important that you should wear the Panna stone by following the right procedures and methods. Here, we illustrate the steps that you should follow to wear the Panna stone correctly:

  • Wear the Panna gemstone after consulting a certified astrologer. The astrologer will check the position of Mercury in your horoscope.
  • You should purchase a high-quality Panna stone from a certified and reputed gem dealer.
  • One should wear the Panna stone on a Wednesday morning as the day is ruled by Mercury – the Lord of Emerald/Panna stone.
  • You should adorn the Panna stone on the little finger of your right hand.
  • Ideally, the weight of the Panna Gemstone should be 5 carats or more.
  • You should sit on a green colored cloth and face the northeastern direction while wearing the Panna stone
  • Before wearing the ornament (ring or pendant) studded with Panna stone, you should dip it in Ganga Jal or unboiled milk for at least 20 minutes.
  • Place the ornament on a green cloth on which the Mercury Yantra is drawn
  • Offer flowers and burn five incense sticks
  • Pray to Lord Mercury and recite the following mantra 108 times: “Aum Bum Budhaye Namah Aum”
  • Now, you can wear the ring
  • The positive effects of Panna stone can be felt in one to two months
  • You should clean the ornament regularly to conserve its powers and effectiveness
  • After three years change the ring after consulting from a certified and reputed astrologer

Which Panna Stone is Best?

Some of the finest quality Emeralds or Panna are being extracted from the mines in Scotland and Zambia.

The best quality Panna gemstones are found in Colombia.

However, fine quality Panna/Emerald is also found in places such as Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

Panna Gemstone Price

Panna stone price can range from as low as Rs. 800 per carat ($12.30) to as high as Rs. 2 Lakh ($3076) per carat depending on the origin, color, clarity, and size of the gemstone.

With this, we have reached the end of this post on Panna stone benefits. By now, you should have built clarity on the astrological advantages of wearing an Emerald/Panna stone. The post has offered details on who should wear Emerald stone. We have provided a step-by-step procedure for wearing a Panna stone.

All this is an endeavor to help you derive maximum benefits by wearing a Panna gemstone. If you want to share your thoughts, you can leave your valuable comments below. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Note: We have tried our best to share the right information, but before wearing Panna stone, please consult a certified astrologer.

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