Radha Krishna Story: Why Lord Krishna Didn’t Marry Radha?

Although Lord Krishna and Radha Rani are portrayed together, they never got married. There are numerous temples all around the world depicting Lord Krishna and Radha together; however, the underlying reality is that they are not married like Lord Rama and Sita Mata.

Here, we talk about Radha Krishna story and delve into the question; Why Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha?

It is very astonishing to know that we pronounce the phrase ‘Radha Krishna’ instead of ‘Krishna’ alone to show our love and devotion to these foremost deities of Hindu Religion.

However, we do not know much about Radha who is considered as the foremost devotee and lover of Lord Krishna. Hindu Scriptures are silent about what happened to Radha once Lord Krishna left Vrindavan.

According to Hindu tradition, Lord Krishna and Radha are the embodiment of the Supreme Power. They are one soul residing in two separate bodies. In fact, it is believed that Radha was an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi though Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha.

Radha Krishna

Moreover, the question of Why Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha lingers on in the mind of every Hindu and devotee of Krishna. Tales are galore about the eternal love that Lord Krishna shared with Radha.

Who can simply forget the beautiful scenes when Lord Krishna used to play the flute, and sing and dance with his beloved Radha. Vrindavan is still witnessing to the immortal love that happened between Lord Krishna and Radha. Still, Lord Krishna never married Radha.

This question has bothered every devotee of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Scholars time and again have tried to answer this question in their own way.

However, it is to be remembered that the love and bonding that Lord Krishna shared with Radha is not like the mundane love affair between a boy and a girl. It is a love that exists between a devotee and the Supreme Lord.

Lord Krishna personifies Supreme Godhood, and Radha represents the ultimate devotee. The flute of Krishna represents the call of the Ultimate. It is well known that Radha came running whenever Krishna played the tunes on his flute. It shows the love and bonding that exists between God and a devotee. Although Lord Krishna and Radha are physically separated, they are spiritually one entity.

The Radha Krishna relationship can be best seen as the union between Jivatma – the individual self and Paramatma – the universal self. The eternal love story of Radha Rani and Lord Krishna has continued to mesmerize millions of devotees across generations.

However, one still wonders why Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha. Lord Krishna was rebellious at the spirit and could have done anything to marry Radha. However, he chooses not to marry Radha. Why?

Let us take up this very interesting discussion.

Most scholars who have researched on the Radha Krishna love story are of the opinion that the picture of Radha and Krishna as lovers gathered momentum during the late medieval age after the Bhakti movement. It is only the poets and romantics that have given Radha Krishna relationship a physical twist.

However, in reality, the Radha Krishna relationship is on a spiritual plane. They have cited that there is no mention of Radha in ancient Hindu Scriptures. One can only find names such as Rukmini, Satyabhama, Sametha, and others but not Radha.

Moreover, Scholars have pointed out that ‘Radha’ is derived from the word ‘Dhara.’ When you invert the word ‘Dhara,’ you get ‘Radha”. So, Radha is a state of mind when one has united with the Supreme Being – Lord Krishna.

It is well depicted in scriptures that Radha feels blessed when she meets Lord Krishna. It goes on to show that the true happiness is attained only when one finds the Ultimate Reality that is Lord Krishna.

It is to be noted that Lord Krishna only lived in Vrindavan up to the age of ten years and never returned to Vrindavan after that time. So, Krishna only knew Radha till he was 10 years.

Thus, on a physical plane, Radha Krishna relationship belongs to his childhood. Moreover, there are no instances to show that Radha visited Dwarka to see Lord Krishna. So, it proves that Lord Krishna and Radha are childhood sweethearts. There are no mentions in ancient texts to show that Radha and Krishna married each other.

It also shows that Radha and Krishna are one Supreme Godhood who is united on a spiritual plane which is beyond physical marriage. So, no mentions are pointing that Radha is longing or crying for Lord Krishna.

It shows that she had attained the eternal love of Krishna and was united to him on a spiritual plane. Radha as a true devotee saw Krishna as her only Savior who can free her from the bondage of life and death.

Some other scholars who take a different approach to Radha Krishna love story. They are of the opinion that Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha to show that Love and Marriage are two different things. While love is a selfless emotion, marriage is an arrangement or agreement which does not bother about love anyway. Lord Krishna acknowledged the divine and true love of Radha and blessed her with His divine grace.

Radha is the “Bhakta, ” and Lord Krishna is the “Bhagwan.”

Radha knew that Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and she could only attain Krishna being a devotee who is devoted in “bhakti bhava” to Lord Krishna.

Being a “Bhakta” Radha surrendered herself to Lord Krishna to get his divine blessings. It shows that when a devotee loses his petty ego, he is blessed by the Supreme Lord. So, you do not find any mentions of Radha in ancient scriptures which itself is a testimony that Radha was a true devotee of Lord Krishna.

Why Lord Krishna Didn't Marry Radha

Other scholars point out that Radha is Lord Krishna’s energy. Lord Krishna already possesses Radha in energy form. You need two individuals to marry each other. With Radha and Krishna, there is no such thing as two separate elements. They are one and the same supreme divine principle.

Vedic scriptures point out to the Radha Krishna relationship as the highest form of love and can happen between an individual and God. Radha Krishna love story is a true reminder of supreme emanation of divine vibrations.

There is another version which states that Radha refused to marry Lord Krishna because she felt that no one would respect a cowgirl. Everyone would expect Krishna to marry a princess. Although Lord Krishna tried to reassure her, Radha was firm in her decision.

There’s another group of scholars who are of the opinion that Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha because he believed that Radha Krishna relationship transcends all definitions that are earthly, material, and physical.

Well, as we find out that there are various ideologies and opinions to Radha Krishna relationship and why Lord Krishna didn’t marry Radha.

However, at the end of this presentation, we can definitely say that Radha Krishna relationship is beyond all earthly marriages that just survive only for a lifetime.

When true love happens, it unites the devotee and God and lives forever. Radha Krishna love is eternal that is much bigger than marriage itself. Radha is a true devotee, and Lord Krishna is the Supreme Savior.

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