Shiva Chalisa and Its Benefits

Lord Shiva is undoubtedly the most loved God in the Hindu Religion. In fact, Lord Shiva is worshipped by millions of devotees spread all across the globe.

He is often described as “Bhole Nath” or “Bhole Shankar” signifying that He is easily pleased by the true worship of his devotees.

Today, we share with you an easy way to please Lord Shiva and get his blessings.

It is Shiva Chalisa.

Shiva Chalisa is a song or religious hymns dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is adapted from the Shiva Purana and consists of forty verses or “Chaupais” dedicated to Lord Shiva.

It is believed that regular chanting of Shiva Chalisa with utmost devotion has the power to remove all the obstacles and problems from one’s life.

In fact, Chanting of Shiva Chalisa is one of the best ways by which you can get the blessings of Lord Shiva easily.

Shiva Chalisa

In this post, we describe Shiva Chalisa benefits.

What is a Chalisa?

Prayers or religious hymns hold a special place in Hindu Religion.

In fact, reciting “Chalisa” is an age-old Hindu method for getting the blessings of Gods and Goddesses.

Chalisa is a forty-verse prayer dedicated to a particular Hindu God or Goddess. The verses of a Chalisa glorify the acts and deeds of the deities. It contains verses praying to the Lord for ending sorrow in our lives and brings peace, health, and prosperity.

It is believed that regular chanting of Chalisa brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in the lives of the devotees.

Shiva Chalisa – The Best way to Worship Lord Shiva

Chanting of Shiva Chalisa is done by the devotees in order to please and get the blessings of their beloved deity – Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is one of the Holy Trinity in the Hindu Religion.

He is called as “Mahadeva” meaning the Lord of all Gods.

He is worshipped by one and all.

God Shiva is the destroyer of all evil forces.

In fact, Lord Shiva dissolves and recreates the Universe.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is easily pleased.

He bestows health, happiness, knowledge, and wealth upon his devotees.

In times such as these where life has become so fast that we hardly find time to pray, Shiva Chalisa comes as a blessing for all of us.

It is a short forty verse prayer dedicated to Lord Shiva.

So, we can surely take out few minutes from our busy schedule and pray to Lord Shiva. The biggest highlight of Shiva Chalisa is that it can be recited by both young and old. It can be taken up by men as well as women. Reciting Shiva Chalisa hardly takes few minutes. It can done even in your homes.

Chanting Shiva Chalisa

Simply place an image or picture of Lord Shiva where you offer prayers at your home. Light incense or Diya. Offer Bael leaves (Bilva leaves) and fragrant flowers to Lord Shiva. You can also offer Tamarind rice or sweet Pongal. Then start reciting Shiva Chalisa with full devotion. Preferably one should chant Shiva Chalisa facing east.

Chanting of Shiva Chalisa does not require elaborate preparations. The best time to recite Shiva Chalisa is in the early morning, preferably at Brahma Muhurta (4:00 – 5:00 am). However, chanting of Shiva Chalisa can be done in the evening or at night before going to bed.

Shiva Chalisa can be chanted 1 time, 3 times for solving simple problems, and 9 times to solve severe problems. It is advised that one should chant Shiva Chalisa 108 times before starting new ventures or undertaking important tasks.

One should initiate Shiva Chalisa on Dwadashi tithi days, Pradosh days, Trayodashi tithi days, or on monthly Shivratri days.

Ideally, Shiva Chalisa should be chanted daily. However, if one is unable to chant daily, then the best days for chanting Shiva Chalisa are Mondays, Pradosh days, Dwadashi tithi days, Trayodashi tithi days, and on monthly Shivratri days.

Benefits of Chanting Shiva Chalisa

It is believed that pregnant ladies benefit greatly by chanting the Shiva Chalisa. The chanting of Shiva Chalisa helps to protect their fetus as well as helps in safe delivery.

Kids suffering from health problems should be made to either recite or listen to Shiva Chalisa. Parents can also recite the Chalisa on their child’s behalf. However, they should pronounce the child’s full name, rasi (moon sign), and Nakshatra before the Shiva Chalisa.

Persons suffering from ill luck, evil eyes, curses, black magic, nightmares, past karma, disturbances from evil spirits, etc. stand to benefit greatly if they chant Shiva Chalisa daily.

Regular chanting of Shiva Chalisa helps to solve marital problems and relationship problems.

Chanting Shiva Chalisa is beneficial for getting rid of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, cigarette addiction, as well as gambling addictions.

Other benefits of chanting Shiva Chalisa include:

• Regular chanting of Shiva Chalisa bestows long life to the devotee.
• Chanting of Shiva Chalisa bestows good health to the devotee.
• For peace in the family.
• For salvation from sins.
• For becoming popular.
• For acquiring desired wealth.
• For getting a beautiful house and good house.
• For a man aspiring for land.
• Desire for a son.
• For attaining knowledge and wisdom.
• For attaining fortune and prosperity.
• Chanting of Shiva Chalisa helps to rid of incurable diseases.
• Prevents premature and painful death.
• For neutralizing the ill effects of the planets.
• To get rid of the fear of ghosts and other supernatural or evil forces.
• To eliminate the sorrow due to relative’s death.
• For getting better job and promotions.
• For removing obstacles in business.
• For acquiring authority, and power.
• For accomplishing impossible tasks.
• To prevent re-birth.
• To attain divinity.
• For prevention of worldly sorrow and poverty.
• For prevention of problems related with child.
• For fulfillment of all desires.

So, we see that chanting of Shiva Chalisa is greatly beneficial for the devotees. It is undoubtedly the easiest method to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Moreover, chanting of Shiva Chalisa can be undertaken by both men and women of all ages. It is also beneficial for students, and kids. The best thing is that it does not require elaborate preparations and just requires your devotion and of course few minutes of time. However, one should regularly chant Shiva Chalisa with utmost devotion to get the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Chalisa in Hindi

श्री शिव चालीसा


जय गणेश गिरिजा सुवन, मंगल मूल सुजान।
कहत अयोध्यादास तुम, देहु अभय वरदान॥


जय गिरिजा पति दीन दयाला। सदा करत सन्तन प्रतिपाला॥
भाल चन्द्रमा सोहत नीके। कानन कुण्डल नागफनी के॥
अंग गौर शिर गंग बहाये। मुण्डमाल तन क्षार लगाए॥
वस्त्र खाल बाघम्बर सोहे। छवि को देखि नाग मन मोहे॥
मैना मातु की हवे दुलारी। बाम अंग सोहत छवि न्यारी॥
कर त्रिशूल सोहत छवि भारी। करत सदा शत्रुन क्षयकारी॥
नन्दि गणेश सोहै तहँ कैसे। सागर मध्य कमल हैं जैसे॥
कार्तिक श्याम और गणराऊ। या छवि को कहि जात न काऊ॥
देवन जबहीं जाय पुकारा। तब ही दुख प्रभु आप निवारा॥
किया उपद्रव तारक भारी। देवन सब मिलि तुमहिं जुहारी॥
तुरत षडानन आप पठायउ। लवनिमेष महँ मारि गिरायउ॥
आप जलंधर असुर संहारा। सुयश तुम्हार विदित संसारा॥
त्रिपुरासुर सन युद्ध मचाई। सबहिं कृपा कर लीन बचाई॥
किया तपहिं भागीरथ भारी। पुरब प्रतिज्ञा तासु पुरारी॥
दानिन महँ तुम सम कोउ नाहीं। सेवक स्तुति करत सदाहीं॥
वेद माहि महिमा तुम गाई। अकथ अनादि भेद नहिं पाई॥
प्रकटी उदधि मंथन में ज्वाला। जरत सुरासुर भए विहाला॥
कीन्ही दया तहं करी सहाई। नीलकण्ठ तब नाम कहाई॥
पूजन रामचन्द्र जब कीन्हा। जीत के लंक विभीषण दीन्हा॥
सहस कमल में हो रहे धारी। कीन्ह परीक्षा तबहिं पुरारी॥
एक कमल प्रभु राखेउ जोई। कमल नयन पूजन चहं सोई॥
कठिन भक्ति देखी प्रभु शंकर। भए प्रसन्न दिए इच्छित वर॥
जय जय जय अनन्त अविनाशी। करत कृपा सब के घटवासी॥
दुष्ट सकल नित मोहि सतावै। भ्रमत रहौं मोहि चैन न आवै॥
त्राहि त्राहि मैं नाथ पुकारो। येहि अवसर मोहि आन उबारो॥
लै त्रिशूल शत्रुन को मारो। संकट ते मोहि आन उबारो॥
मात-पिता भ्राता सब होई। संकट में पूछत नहिं कोई॥
स्वामी एक है आस तुम्हारी। आय हरहु मम संकट भारी॥
धन निर्धन को देत सदा हीं। जो कोई जांचे सो फल पाहीं॥
अस्तुति केहि विधि करैं तुम्हारी। क्षमहु नाथ अब चूक हमारी॥
शंकर हो संकट के नाशन। मंगल कारण विघ्न विनाशन॥
योगी यति मुनि ध्यान लगावैं। शारद नारद शीश नवावैं॥
नमो नमो जय नमः शिवाय। सुर ब्रह्मादिक पार न पाय॥
जो यह पाठ करे मन लाई। ता पर होत है शम्भु सहाई॥
ॠनियां जो कोई हो अधिकारी। पाठ करे सो पावन हारी॥
पुत्र होन कर इच्छा जोई। निश्चय शिव प्रसाद तेहि होई॥
पण्डित त्रयोदशी को लावे। ध्यान पूर्वक होम करावे॥
त्रयोदशी व्रत करै हमेशा। ताके तन नहीं रहै कलेशा॥
धूप दीप नैवेद्य चढ़ावे। शंकर सम्मुख पाठ सुनावे॥
जन्म जन्म के पाप नसावे। अन्त धाम शिवपुर में पावे॥
कहैं अयोध्यादास आस तुम्हारी। जानि सकल दुःख हरहु हमारी॥


नित्त नेम उठि प्रातः ही, पाठ करो चालीसा।
तुम मेरी मनोकामना, पूर्ण करो जगदीश॥
मगसिर छठि हेमन्त ॠतु, संवत चौसठ जान।
स्तुति चालीसा शिवहि, पूर्ण कीन कल्याण॥

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