Guru Gorakhnath Shabar Mantra

Mantras are age-old Hindu method for attaining peace, happiness, and prosperity.

You must have heard of Vedic Mantras that are written in Sanskrit.

They have been described in the Holy Vedas and other Hindu religious texts. They were written by ancient Rishis and Sages.

However, there is another type of mantras known as Shabar Mantras. They are immensely powerful and effective. They bring quick results for the practitioner.

Guru Gorakhnath introduced the Shabar Mantras.

Today, we list out some of the very powerful Guru Gorakhnath Shabar Mantra.

About Guru Gorakhnath

Guru Gorakhnath is credited with the Shabar Mantras.

He was a Hindu Maha-Yogi and the founder of the Nath Movement in India.

Gorakhnath is believed to have been living in the early 11th Century.

However, his date of birth and place of birth is unknown.

His teachings are mainly focused on Truth and Spiritual life.

He championed Yoga and reached Samadhi, the ultimate state of bliss and union with the Supreme Being.

Guru Gorakhnath Shabar Mantra

Gorakhnath was one of the two notable disciples of Matsyendranath.

His followers are spread all throughout India particularly in India’s Himalayan states, Gangetic plains, and even in Nepal.

His followers are called Yogis, Gorakhnathi, Darshani, or Kanphata.

One can find numerous references to him in the poetry of Kabir and Guru Nanak of Sikhism.

These spiritual masters have described him as a very powerful leader having a large following. So, Gorakhnath must have lived around the time when these spiritual leaders lived in India.

He was a spiritual leader who traveled widely across the Indian sub-continent.

Gorakhnath was responsible for the expansion of Nath Sampradaya. He produced a number of writings.

He was the first to write books on Laya yoga. He is also known for creating Shabar mantras.

The town of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh is named after him.

The Gorakhnath Math comes as a monastery of the Nath Sampradaya that has been named after him.

Gorakhnath Math

Legend of the Birth of Guru Gorakhnath

The date of birth and the place of birth of Guru Gorakhnath are not known and recorded in history.

However, there is a popular legend that is associated with the birth of Guru Gorakhnath.

Once upon a time, Guru Matsyendranath arrived in a small village. There he met a woman who was in deep sorrow. Guru Matsyendranath inquired the reason for her sadness.

The lady told him that she had no child.

She begged Matsyendranath to bless her so that she could become a mother.

Guru Matsyendranath took out some powerful bhasma from his bag and gave it to the lady. He told the woman that she would soon become a mother.

However, the woman told the whole thing to her friends. They all laughed and said that Matsyendranath had fooled her.

Overcome by this, the woman threw all the bhasma in the field on the pack of cow dung.

After 12 years, Guru Matsyendranath again visited the village and met the same lady. He hoped that the woman must have become a mother.

So, he asked her how the child was.

On hearing this woman started crying. She told the whole incident to Matsyendranath how he had thrown the bhasma on the cow dung.

However, Matsyendranath said that it was a very powerful bhasma and it could not go waste. He asked the woman to take him to the place where she had thrown the bhasma.

On reaching the place, Guru Matsyendranath called up the child. On hearing the voice of Matsyendranath, a boy came out of the cow dung where the bhasma had fallen.

He touched the feet of Matsyendranath. Guru Matsyendranath named the child as Gorakhnath and took the child along with him for penance and meditation.

Shabar Mantras

Guru Gorakhnath has been credited with Shabar Mantras.

They are extremely powerful and give quick results to the practitioner.

Moreover, Shabar Mantras are easy to memorize and pronounce as they are written using day to day Hindi language.

Most of the Shabar Mantras are easy to understand. You can easily make out their meanings. However, some Shabar Mantras do not have any meaning.

By reciting Shabar Mantras, you can easily attract positive vibrations for enhancing the quality of your life.

Shabar Mantras help you to live peacefully and happily.

There are different types of Shabar Mantras.

For example:

  • Vashikaran Shabar Mantra
  • Hanuman Shabar Mantra
  • Siddha Shabar Mantra
  • Laxmi Shabar Mantra
  • Saundarya Shabar Mantra
  • Gorakhnath Siddha Shabar Mantra

Benefits of using Shabar Mantras

  • Shabar Mantra helps to attract any person.
  • To attain a fulfilling love life.
  • For a happy and married life.
  • For getting married.
  • For becoming prosperous.
  • For becoming fortunate.
  • For getting profits in business.
  • For getting rid of evil spirits.

Shabar mantras can be recited by either male or female member of your family.

Moreover, it is not necessary to take the guidance of any Master (Guru) for practicing Shabar Mantras. However, it is necessary to practice Shabar Mantras with utmost faith and diligence.

One should preferably use Asana (in red or white) for doing Shabar Mantra Jaap.

Below, we have featured some very powerful Shabar Mantras:

Guru Gorakhnath Shabar Mantra


ॐ वज्र में कोठा, वज्र में ताला, वज्र में बंध्या दस्ते द्वारा, तहां वज्र का लग्या किवाड़ा, वज्र में चौखट, वज्र में कील, जहां से आय, तहां ही जावे, जाने भेजा, जांकू खाए, हमको फेर न सूरत दिखाए, हाथ कूँ, नाक कूँ, सिर कूँ, पीठ कूँ, कमर कूँ, छाती कूँ जो जोखो पहुंचाए, तो गुरु गोरखनाथ की आज्ञा फुरे, मेरी भक्ति गुरु की शक्ति, फुरो मंत्र इश्वरोवाचा.


ॐ नमो महादेवी
सर्वकार्य सिद्धकर्णी जो पाती पुरे
ब्रह्मा विष्णु महेश तीनो देवतन
मेरी भक्ति गुरु की शक्ति
श्री गुरु गोरखनाथ की दुहाई
फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा ||

Guru Gorakhnath was an immense devotee of Lord Shiva.

It is said that he got these Shabar Mantras from Lord Shiva.

It is necessary to recite these Shabar Mantras for at least 27 times (every day) for getting desired results.

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