About Vasant Panchami Festival & Date 2024

Religion is at the core of every human being. Religion brings maturity and knowledge. True wisdom comes to those who experience the grace of God in this very lifetime. However, various festivals and rituals lead us to true knowledge and wisdom; one such significant Hindu religious festival is the Vasant Panchami.

Vasant Panchami is celebrated in honor of Goddess Saraswati, who is considered the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. She is the foremost Goddess of Knowledge in various forms, whether arts, science, fine arts, technology, Vedas, Music, etc.

If one is the seeker of true knowledge, the very essence from which every branch of knowledge springs, Goddess Saraswati opens up the door of knowledge to such seekers. Her blessings are needed for success in professional fields.

Moreover, an individual needs the blessing of Goddess Saraswati if he or she wants to know and learn the core of the chosen field of knowledge.

According to the Hindu Calendar, Vasant Panchami has the status of being an important Indian festival, which is celebrated every year in the Magh month. Actually, the fifth day of Magh is celebrated as Vasant Panchami, Panchami, meaning the fifth day.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Vasant Panchami falls in the month of February or March.

Vasant Panchami Festival

The day is spent in Goddess Saraswati’s worship and marks the onset of the spring season. Vasant Panchami is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Saraswati. She is believed to remove the ignorance in the life of her Devotees.

She is believed to grant enlightenment in the lives of his devotees. The origin of this festival dates back to the Aryan period when they settled around the river Saraswati. Slowly and gradually, the river began to be considered the origin of knowledge and fertility.

Supreme knowledge and Saraswati were equal. People began to worship The Goddess Saraswati on Vasant Panchami day. Since then, Vasant Panchami has been associated with worshipping Goddess Saraswati.

According to another popular belief, Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja is related to Brahma Vaivarta Purana. According to this religious scripture, Saraswati was granted a boon from Sri Krishna that she, too, would be worshiped on the day of the Saraswati Panchami.

After worshipping Ganesh, the Sun, Vishnu, Shiva, and then Goddess Saraswati are worshipped. In this puja, firstly, a Puja Kalasha is established. Then all the worship, rituals, and ceremonies are performed in which Goddess Saraswati is worshiped.

Religious songs are sung dedicated to Mata Saraswati. The festival is celebrated in a grand way in which people dance, sing, and offer colors at the Goddess Saraswati’s feet. Food is offered to the Brahmins, and rituals are organized in the name of Goddess Saraswati.

However, the rituals do not end here. It is an important festival for farmers who celebrate Vasant Panchami at the onset of the spring season. It is a major festival in the Northern Part of India. The color yellow is predominantly associated with the festival Saraswati Panchami. The fields of mustard can be seen in Punjab and Haryana.

Here farmers celebrate the festivals by singing and dancing and performing varied other rituals. Flying Kites is also associated with this festival in which people experience joy and enthusiasm in this experience other than worshipping Goddess Saraswati.

Girls are seen wearing bright yellow dresses and participating in the festivities. The color yellow signifies the vibrancy of life. People also prepare special Kesar Halva on this day of Vasant Panchami.

Besides following the traditions of rituals, dancing, and worshipping Goddess Saraswati, there is another important ritual of initiating studies in the young. Young children begin their studies on this day after taking the blessing of Goddess Saraswati.

People follow this important tradition with equal zeal and enthusiasm as they know that Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of learning and knowledge.

In Hinduism, Symbols hold a special place as they have their own meaning, and Vasant Panchami is no exception. Goddess Saraswati is the deity of this festival.

She is considered the Goddess of learning and intellect. She has four hands, which signify alertness, intellect, ego, and mind. She is seen playing veena and carrying lotus flowers and Vedas (scriptures) in the other two hands.

She rides on a white swan, and her white dress is a symbol of purity. She is also seen sitting on a lotus, which symbolizes her wisdom.

Vasant Panchami Date 2024

Vasant Panchami will be celebrated on 14th February 2024, Wednesday.

The Vasant Panchami Tithi begins at 02:41 PM on 13th Feb 2024 and ends at 12:09 PM on 14th Feb 2024.

The Saraswati Panchami Puja Muhurta starts at 07:01 AM to 12:35 PM (14th Feb)

Wishing all my beloved readers “A Very Happy Vasant Panchami.”

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