Adharam Madhuram Lyrics

Adharam Madhuram: A soulful melody that touches the heart. Here are the lyrics of the Adharam Madhuram song.

Adharam madhuram vadanan mdhuran
Nayanan mdhuran hasitan mdhuram
Haradayan mdhuran gamanan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Vchanan mdhuran charitan mdhuran
Vasanan mdhuran valitan mdhuram
Chalitan mdhuran bhramitan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Venurmdhuro renurmdhurah
Paanirmdhurah paadau mdhurau
Naratyan mdhuran sakhyan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Geetan mdhuran peetan mdhuran
Bhuktan mdhuran suptan mdhuram
Roopan mdhuran tilakan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Karanan mdhuran taranan mdhuran
Karanan mdhuran smaranan mdhuran
Vamitan mdhuran shamitan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Gunja mdhura maala mdhura
Yamuna mdhura veechi mdhura
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Gopi mdhura leela mdhura
Yuktan mdhuran muktan mdhuram
Darashtan mdhuran shishtan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

Gopa mdhura gaavo mdhura
Yashtirmdhura sarashtirmdhura
Dalitan mdhuran phalitan mdhuran
Mdhuraadhipaterkhilan mdhuram

About Adharam Madhuram Song

The actual name of the Bhajan Adharam Madhuram is “Madhurāṣṭakam” (or Madhurashtakam). It is a melodious Sanskrit Bhajan composed by Vallabhacharya, a Hindu Bhakti saint, in praise of Bhagwaan Shree Krishna. He belonged to a Telugu Brahmin family. As per the Legend, Vallabha had a divine encounter with Krishna.

It is said that Krishna appeared before Vallabha during the midnight of Shravana Shukla Ekadashi. Inspired by this divine meeting, Vallabha composed the Madhurashtakam, a beautiful hymn praising the deity. The meaning of Madhurashtakam is “The sweetness of Bhagwan Shri Krishna.”

“Adharam Madhuram” is a beautiful bhajan, a devotional song that captivates the hearts of millions. It is a melodious bhajan composed in a traditional Indian classical style. The verses, often sung in Sanskrit or a regional language, depict the eternal bond between the devotee and the divine (Shree Krishna), describing the qualities and virtues of the deity.

The song’s lyrical beauty conveys deep emotions and devotion through simple yet powerful words. The Madhurāṣṭakam explores the qualities and actions of Krishna, portraying them as being immersed in sweetness, like honey or nectar. From the devotee’s perspective, every aspect associated with the deity is delightful and elegant because Krishna is considered the supreme authority of all things sweet and graceful.

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