Shri Krishna Mantra

Shri Krishna is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He spread love and preached “DHARMA.” God carries a flute to spread love in the world. He wears a peacock feather to symbolize purity. According to him, pure love is the real awakening of supremacy.

Today we are in Kali Yug (YUG means period), dominated by evil. BUT! One can attain enlightenment easily in Kali Yug. HOW? According to Yogis, “Nama Smaranam,” meaning “Chanting Names,” is the only way to obtain MOKSHA in Kali Yug.

Shri Krishna Mantra

The Shree Krishna Mantra is the most powerful and the best solution to every problem. It is powerful because the mantra helps us connect with ourselves. We provide the simplest and easiest Krishna Mantra chanting techniques, benefits, and spiritual significance in this article.

The Moola Mantra of the God is “OM KRISHNAYA NAMAHA

How to do Nama Smaranam? Or How to chant Krishna Mantra?

You need not learn Sanskrit and become a scholar to do Nama Smaranam. Chanting HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA MANTRA is more than enough. The mantra is more powerful compared to the Vedas!

Why is Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra more powerful than other mantras?

According to Hindu Dharma, the names Rama and Krishna are the most powerful mantras. Lord Rama was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Born to a mighty king Dasarath, he lived a saint-like life.

Ram was an ideal husband, an ideal son, an ideal brother, and an ideal father. Above all, he was the perfect KING. He was pure.

Shri Krishna lived to preach “Dharma.” In the journey of establishing Dharma on the earth, he took upon the curse of Gandhari. The mother of Kauravas, Gandhari cursed Krishna and his entire Yadav clan. Krishna accepted the curses smilingly, only to let the Pandavas and their progeny live peacefully!

The life of Lord Ram and Krishna was not easy. Yet, they lived by morality and did millions of good things. Their deeds made them “Paramatma.” For this reason, of all the “Nama Simarana,” chanting “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA MANTRA” has the highest benefits.

Why is chanting the mantra so effective?

Your breathing streamlines chanting Shri Krishna Mantra. While chanting, you repeat words again and again in the same rhythm. And this regulates your breathing.

Eventually, you feel calm and composed. You are at peace. As days pass, inner strength and the real power within emerge! You can also chant the mantra that pleases God the most, which is:

Om Devkinandanay Vidhmahe Rukmani Vallabhay Dheemahi Tanno Krishna Prachodayath

ॐ देवकी नंदनाय विद्महे
वासुदेवाय धीमहि ।
तन्नो कृष्ण: प्रचोदयात् ।।

Krishna turns to you immediately if you chant this mantra as you praise him, his mother Devaki, and Father Nanda.

As Swami Vivekananda says, All Power is within you. Every man on earth is born with enormous power. Human thoughts are faster than light, and the mind generating these thoughts are powerful than the universe! Yet, the achievements of different people differ in different ways.

Have you ever wondered why? The one using his power to the fullest is on top of the world. The rest of the people struggle in life. So, what should you do to use all the strength within yourself?

CHANT MANTRAS! The bottom line, chanting a mantra brings out the full power of the human. So slowly, he starts identifying his path, achieves his goals at ease, and is always at peace.

What happens when you chant Krishna Mantra?

Mantra chanting synchronizes the right and left brain. Synchronization helps in improving brain function. You will start appreciating little things. You stay motivated; you seek inspiration from the divine; your aura of positivity increases.

When you build a strong and rigid Aura with HARE KRISHNA MANTRA, troubles repel away. You feel energetic all the time and stay motivated. Your creativity improves; you start achieving things; your heart is filled with love, and above all, you feel blissed all the time.

There is another easiest way to chant the Krishna mantra. This is chanting different names of lord Krishna.

Achutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram Rama Narayanam Vasudevam Harim

When is the right time to chant Krishna Mantra?

BRAHMA MUHURTAM. Though any time is good, the BRAHMA MUHURTAM is ideal for chanting the Krishna mantra.

What is BRAHMA MUHURTHAM? Early mornings (4:30 AM to 6: 00 AM) are Brahma muhurtam in Sanskrit. It is the time of Yogis. According to scientists, ozone in the atmosphere is the highest.

Also, the cosmic ether levels on the earth are the highest. Ether is electromagnetic radiation filled in space. Earth, moon, sun, and every other object in the universe is born from the ether.

Will Shree Krishna Mantra change my life?

Every problem has a solution. Look deep within to find the key to solving issues in life. You cannot do this with a preoccupied and stressed mind.

Allow the mind to settle down. Solutions come up automatically. Chanting Krishna Mantra relaxes your mind, keeps you calm, and brings peace. A peaceful mind is a powerful mind. As your chant becomes regular, you will start solving problems effortlessly. Success becomes a piece of cake.

How to chant Hare Krishna Mantra?

Sit in a calm place. You can sit anywhere, bedroom, pooja room, dining room. There is no rule to it. But for quicker results sitting in the pooja room is good. If possible, sit on the ground. You can also sit on your sofa, bed, or chair.

Close your eyes. Start chanting. In the initial days, you may face difficulty sitting for a long time. It is okay. When you practice regularly, you shall sit for a longer time.

How long should I chant?

The objective is to identify the divine power within you. Krishna says every human is a god. So, you may choose any Krishna mantra and chant as many numbers as you like. Faith in God and consistency is the key.

You may chant one lakh times or 1008 times. But chanting even the minutest disbelief makes all hard work go in vain. A simple 108-consistent, and dedicated chant, on the other hand, will bring extraordinary results.

So, numbers or time doesn’t matter; only true faith in the lord and consistency matter. The key is you should chant daily. You may choose to chant 108 times or 216 times. But make it a point you do it with complete surrender. Choose a number in multiples of 108 for better and quick results.

You may also chant

“Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.”

You can also chant Krishna Ashtakam, Krishna Stotram, Krishna Ashtothram (that has 108 names of Lord Krishna)

Shri Krishna Mantra is so powerful that when you chant regularly, it becomes a habit. Eventually, you will start chanting even while working. With such consciousness, hurdles crumble down and lead you to success!

Hope! Our small effort towards Krishna consciousness was fruitful! Surrender to the Almighty Supreme completely. Let Him lead you in life! Wish! All success and happiness! Stay Blessed!

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